William Holms, the Award-Winning Author, Releases “The Fall of Grace,” the Third Book in the Highly Acclaimed Killing of Faith Series (12/1/2021)

TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — William Holms is proud to present his newest novel, "The Fall of Grace" as the third installment in the award-winning Killing of Faith series. It will be offered for download on Amazon for only $.99 for three days only (12/01/2021 – 12/3/2021). Get the download today at:


The Killing of Faith series has received praise from readers and a "must read" from every critic. The Fall of Grace takes you on another twisting, turning, suspense-filled journey as it continues the unforgettable story of Ryan and Faith Brunick. With both their mother and their father gone, Hope and Grace must learn to live without them as Grace’s life unravels. These beloved characters make decisions that will surprise and shock you as they navigate the challenges of life, love, and loss.

The Killing of Faith series is full of characters with compelling backstories, that you both love and hate at the same time, which adds to the horrible reality of this enthralling tale. Just when you think the nightmare is over, you find out it’s just beginning.
If you liked the first two books in the series, you’ll love The Fall of Grace.

See what all the five stars are about! Here’s what reviewers say:

"I have just finished reading The Fall of Grace. I have to say that I didn’t think the story could get any better but boy have you proved me wrong. These 3 books are some of the most incredible that I’ve ever read and I do hope the story doesn’t end here." —Ellen Aish

"Shocking, jaw-dropping and can’t-put-down. Just a few words to describe this amazing continuation of the Killing of Faith series. This story is full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing right until the end. The characters are so well written that your heart can’t help but break for them." –– Christie Schneider

"Once again the Brunick family characters almost jump off the page as they make their way from one complicated situation to another. Unexpected twists and turns make this another page-turner and the yell out-loud ending is unforgettable. Do yourself a favor and buy this book!" – Deborah Jesensek

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