Book bans not even about books, says panel at SIUE

EDWARDSVILLE — Panelists at an SIUE roundtable discussion on banned books this week agreed on one way to combat efforts to curb access, particularly for young people, to certain books: Read. “Keep reading. Read fiction, read nonfiction, read biographies …

The Book Pages: Who branded these library books?

This week in books, let’s talk about branding. I don’t mean the marketing buzzword, but a literal branding iron used on books, as if libraries were maintained like herds of cattle. Let me explain: A few weeks ago, the @lapubliclibrary

Lit Trivia: Do You Know Which Books Inspired These Songs?

Gloves Off: When handling rare books, experts say that bare, just-cleaned hands are better than cotton gloves. Why won’t the public believe them? A ‘Yes’ From Hollywood, at Last: The Judy Blume Renaissance is upon us, with several films and