8 Must-Read Books by AAPI Authors

With everyone tightening their wallets, travel can feel wistful and limited right now, so books are the ultimate getaway to indulge in especially on a Summer Friday off. And with it being AAPI month, what better time than now to

Are Colleen Hoover Fans Ready to Face the Truth About Her Books?

But Colleen Hoover’s books are extremely popular and leave an impression on young women—Hoover’s primary audience—by casually portraying abuse as “just how a relationship is supposed to work.” It Ends With Us follows the story of Lily Bloom and her

In kids’ books, celebrating ties with grandparents

Summer is knocking on the door — prime time for kids and grandparents to spend their irreplaceable time together. Whether grandparents are down the hall or across the globe, they have a special place in children’s hearts,