Veteran Owned, Boutique Design Firm – Elevate Your Vision, LLC – Offers Important Free New Book to Entrepreneurs and SMB Owners: ‘The Profitable Pitch’

OGDEN, Utah, Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Elevate Your Vision (Elevate) announced it was offering a free copy of "The Profitable Pitch" along with other tools to help businesses and organizations get their ideas off the ground. "The Profitable Pitch" compiles all of the knowledge and tips used by Elevate’s founder, Jason Froehlich, in a short but powerful volume teaching how a few key ideas and approaches can be transformed into wildly successful pitches. Elevate is a design agency that helps entrepreneurs get the clients and investors they need with on-point messages and branding – turning core ideas and presentations into business assets. Particularly devoted to non-profits and their goals, Elevate freely commits 5% of their hours to assisting a variety of those organizations.

In less than a hundred pages, "The Profitable Pitch" teaches how to turn boring, bland pitch ideas into successful directions that compel, motivate, and get results. The free paperback book and online file also includes five bonus worksheets, processing and utilizing the skills taught in the book. Worksheets include:

  1. Getting to Know Yourself exercises.
  2. Audience Analysis tools.
  3. Message Match Must-Haves.
  4. Capturing Attention tips.
  5. Converting Attention strategies.

"The Profitable Pitch" is freely available online with no strings attached. Readers simply cover shipping costs. Using skills learned in "The Profitable Pitch," readers have been able to:

  • Double sales in local service business; granting confidence to hire a dedicated enrollment consultant which meant they could focus on what they did best.
  • Attract three times more qualified customers, reducing lead costs and allowing them to scale ads to reach even more prospects.
  • Turn 88+% qualified phone leads into booked appointments, allowing sales teams to focus on premium leads.
  • Gain an 80% show-up rate for scheduled appointments – meaning more prospects going through "sales" funnels.
  • Convert 83% of all prospects into clients – improving monthly sales and directly increasing net profits month-over-month.
  • Generate more income in one year than in the previous three years.

"After the financial crisis in 2008, they said I was a total madman when I started my first business," said Jason Froehlich. "I had zero leads and just two months of working capital before I signed a five-year lease on a high-rent property. I had put myself in a real-life ‘do-or-die’ situation. But it ultimately became the source of my greatest discovery. It taught me, under the most intense circumstances, how to pitch profitably and perfectly – getting clients consistently and predictably. With almost no presentation skills or experience. In fact, when I handed my pitch script to a new employee with zero experience, she went on to reliably close 83% of our prospects for years after. This is something I can absolutely teach you how to do. I’ve compiled all of those skills into this book."

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With over 40 years of combined design experience, Elevate’s industry-leading designers partner with entrepreneurs and visionaries to help make their dreams come true. Elevate enables corporations, non-profits, and SMB leaders to change their worlds by communicating their brands and goals effectively to a larger audience. Using professional design, clear and concise messaging, consistently aligned visual styles, and a fully crystalized vision with an achievable goal, Elevate becomes a steady partner in your success. At Elevate, we lead with your why, conquering challenges with design innovation and strategy. Learn more about how to take your business and organizational goals to the next level at:

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