Veteran Journalist/Author Writes in New Book: The Earth is on Life-Support

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. and DETROIT, Mich., June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Veteran author and journalist, Berl Falbaum, writes in a new book, Code Red! Code Red!  How Destruction of the Environment Poses Lethal Threats to Life on Earth, that the Earth may be at the brink of being unlivable and uninhabitable given all the environmental crises it faces.

"The Earth may very well become unlivable or uninhabitable, no matter how you define those words," said Falbaum.

"While global warming/climate change, which is very serious, receives all the attention, there are many other issues which also appear to be insoluble," said Falbaum. "They include dire threats to the animal kingdom with a million animals and plants threatened with extinction, shortages of clean water―indeed any water in some parts of the world―shortages of food, and many other challenges."

In Code Red! Code Red! ―Falbaum’s 12th book―he devotes a few pages on major crises and emphasizes that this is a book written by a layman for laypeople. He stresses that the book is just a "digest" of the threats to the Earth.

"Each of the topics I cover, and I cover only a few, could be the subject of a book itself," said Falbaum. "But I purposely kept it brief―three to five pages―and avoided complex scientific analysis so the average person might read it and understand what we need to deal with."

Among the subjects he covers are: greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, rising sea levels, threats to wildlife, population growth, and even garbage disposal.

During his sixty-year career in journalism, politics and PR, Falbaum was a general assignment and political reporter for The Detroit News, administrative aide to Michigan’s lieutenant governor, speechwriter and media spokesperson for three major corporations, and founded his own PR company in 1989.

He also taught a variety of journalism courses as an adjunct member in Detroit’s Wayne State University journalism department for forty-five years. 

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