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PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — "We cannot afford to continue pretending like nothing is wrong in a world full of better-than-them attitudes and arrogant behaviors built on erroneous and deceptive history. We cannot focus on the search of a planet conducive for living to the complete neglect of the divisive, selfish, arrogant, and destructive history that continues to set humanity at odd against one another," says Dr. Henry I. Balogun, Publisher & CEO of Undeniable Truth News (UTN). The job is not done.

The task of reducing history-induced deadly outcomes in our society begins with a combined effort of the media and the public to no longer subscribe to the desire of white supremacists and all hate groups. Now is the time to no longer jump with a microphone in hand and a reporter ready each time they try to push another conspiracy theory.

Undeniable Truth is dedicated to exposing historical wrongs and inequalities still existing. The following must be condemned and corrected, Dr. Balogun emphasized:

  • "People of color" is a misnomer. White is a color as much as black, brown, and yellow. This uninformed story on the Internet that black people started calling themselves "People of color" around 1960 is, at a minimum, misleading. For whom was the "Colored Only" water fountain of the Jim Crow era made? This insulting and divisive label enforced through violence and intimidation started when the Civil War segregation became the social order to separate and relegate minorities. "Colored Only" was first initiated in South Africa by their unyielding and unmindful white settlers as part of a system of oppression against its black citizens known as "apartheid." Its new version here in the United States later became part of the modus operandi of Jim Crow.
  • "Colored Only" has since evolved into something equally derogatory, now known as "People of color (POC)," or "community of color." The public rejected the "Colored Only" water fountain, and now Undeniable Truth is saying no to its equally divisive, degrading, and insulting version known as "People of Color" and "Community of Color." We cannot overemphasize that white is as much color as black, brown, and yellow. We are all colored people who need not be reminded.
  • Slavery affected black and white the same way. They were both enslaved. Before the first 20 Africans stolen were transplanted, against their will, to Jamestown in Virginia, there were African explorers, "white slaves" mainly from Europe were here as well. Many African explorers later became slave owners of "white slaves." What happened to that part of American history? Historians interested in giving the white supremacists a false sense of superiority swept it under the rug.

"Part of our goal is to continue exposing historical false we grew up with and thought were true but primarily based on lies, along with its pleasing attitude, including intent to cover criminal acts and atrocities against humanity. To ignore the fact is to encourage greater evil deeds.

"There are few still loaded with carefree and ‘let it be’ attitudes. The pain of the past and the baseless claim of ignorant people make this necessary. If we fail to open those ugly cans of the past, the future is uncertain and could be even deadlier. Do-nothing-attitude will continue to encourage those who felt led to change the landscape of the world; those who thought they were ordained to rule; those who made it their mission to divide, marginalize, insult, degrade, and dehumanize people they did not understand," Dr. Balogun concluded.

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Henry Balogun


SOURCE Dr. Henry I. Balogun