Unconventional, No-Nonsense Political Theorist and Author, James A. Nannen, Explores a Better Strategy for the 2024 POTUS Election in Pithy New Book: ‘2024 Off Ramp: Will Doug Tinsdale Use It?’

In a country enamored with political absurdities, only an allegory will do…

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Author James A. (Jim) Nannen (JimTheWiseMan) highlighted the recent release of his allegorical story, “2024 Off Ramp,” as a reasonable discussion of some better options for America’s political future. The book details the ongoing ambitions of Doug Tinsdale – an ex-President who decides he wants to run for the U.S. Presidency again, despite the potential for a myriad of disasters. Written for an American audience split violently down political lines, Nannen searches for sanity in a country that has gone off the rails. The volume is available as an eBook or paperback via Amazon and Lulu.

Good political talks are the result of some important, hard questions being asked,” said Jim Nannen. “Isn’t it a better idea to have the leaders of a political party weigh in on possible choices for the 2024 ticket; especially for leaders who will run the government for the next four years? Don’t we want professionals who have some real experience in leadership in charge of our government? How about a roundtable with all the political party leaders?”

“I’m not suggesting that they actually pick the ticket, but instead, that they get together and throw out possible ideas. Rather than this shotgun, circus-sideshow approach of hurling 20 possibilities on a stage and watching them fight it out like a WWE wrestling match. I just believe that the American political landscape deserves more than an absurd reality-show approach to governance. The American people deserve more.”

And that is the heart of this book. I’m gently encouraging Donald Trump to see that his life would be so much better being THE KINGMAKER rather than King. Let his two best choices for his Cabinet become the Republican ticket in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. Trump should take the ‘2024 Off Ramp’ and sail into the sunset with his great family! I think he would have much more fun enjoying all the rumors floating around that he was the real head of a puppet government. I have some better picks in mind for the Republican ticket: like Mike Pompeo, with Nikki Haley as Vice President.”

Synopsis of “2024 Off Ramp” – A Country in Crisis

Once President of the most powerful nation on the planet, Doug Tinsdale lost his reelection bid in a stunning voter reversal and rebuke of his policies and political approach. Now, four years later, he decides he wants to run again and reclaim a seat in the Oval Office. Unfortunately, there are scores of voters who just wish he would skip the campaign altogether. Not only were his policies widely considered ineffective and divisive, but his demeanor was abrasive at best – creating a social media/MSM frenzy that produced an American schism unseen since the Civil War. Frankly, Doug simply rubbed people the wrong way. But will he listen to his supporters? His conscience? Will he use his power to divide the public further, or serve as King Maker in the next election? The answer might very well heal, or ultimately destroy a nation.

About James A. (Jim) Nannen

An author and serial entrepreneur, Jim is a modern-day Renaissance man who graduated from Springfield College in 1966 with what he calls a “Double-E Degree” in English and Economics. Jim then hopped a freighter to sail through the Panama Canal to visit both Tahiti and Australia, before taking a job as a door-to-door Encyclopedia salesperson – eventually becoming one of their top salespeople. Jim moved on to help open one of the first pet store franchises in the U.S., along with a book, record, and candy story, before eventually moving to Florida with his wife and opening a chain of pet stores called “Animal House.” He now spends his time writing and curating his celebrated collection of Croatian reverse-glass paintings. Learn more about his work at: www.JimNannen.com.

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