The Present-Moment Precision and Zen-Like Focus of a Single Seat Fighter Jet Can Change a Life Forever: ‘Single Seat Wisdom’

PHOENIX, Nov. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fighter pilot and author Dominic "Slice" Teich announced the publication of a book quite unlike any other volume ever published before. "Single Seat Wisdom" is a unique collection of personal stories, advice, and wisdom from some of the bravest and most-daring members of the human race: fighter jet pilots. Almost like a Tao Te Ching from the sky, "Single Seat Wisdom" speaks the truth with many voices, and with one – offering, it perfected the distilled wisdom gathered from 20 men and women who have done some of the most dangerous and focused work possible. All net proceeds from book sales will be donated to the Anna Schindler Foundation to help fight childhood cancer. "Single Seat Wisdom" is available in print and Kindle-ready versions directly from the authors online at

"Society is upside down right now in so many ways, and that’s a position a fighter pilot can absolutely relate to," said Dominic "Slice" Teich. "In the air, a pilot goes upside down for a variety of reasons – it sets us up for a maneuver we call the ‘sliceback.’ And although it certainly looks cool, we often do it because it gives us a better visual perspective when fighting an enemy – pulling the enemy toward the top of the bubble canopy so we can spot them better. How does that relate to your life? Easy. Sometimes you have to invert your position just to see your goal, or your adversary more clearly. And sometimes – to win – all you have to do is have the courage to turn things upside down."

Single Seat Wisdom: Meet a Few Pilots on Your Team

"Single Seat Wisdom" was written for peak performers who want a different perspective, defined purpose, and powerful life lessons to help them achieve their goals. The powerful content is useful for anyone looking to shake up their lives for the better, and includes 20 chapters of pure jet fuel for an afterburner life thrust. "Single Seat Wisdom" also includes completely free, online access to multiple resources from the Single Seat Mindset™ collection.

Some pilots from the collection include:

  • "Tuck" Cohen: "When rule following is counterproductive, think for yourself and act accordingly."
  • "Shock" May: "Have the courage to take a leap of faith, change your career, and try something new."
  • "Apollo" Taylor: "Small decisions you make every day directly influence your outcome."
  • "Freddy" Kreuder: "Rather than focusing on the parts of control that remain an illusion, concentrate on the variables."

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About Dominic Teich and Single Seat Mindset™

For more than 20 years, author and founder of the Single Seat Mindset™, Dom "Slice" Teich has leveraged the laser-focus of a fighter pilot background to help peak performers get fresh, innovative results in a no-restriction environment. A Catholic Christian, husband, father, investor, business owner, entrepreneur, author, and fighter pilot, "Slice" is the creator of a number of products and services designed to help high achievers experience personal and professional success: THE Single Seat Mindset™.

Collecting together an impactful and supportive community of elite fighter pilot guides who have joined forces to help people approach life with pure drive and ambition, these individuals dive deep into the world of productivity to help others reach their biggest goals; all while avoiding overload, overwhelm, and dreaded burnout. Learn more about THE Single Seat Mindset™ at:

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