The Pastor Is Not the CEO of a Corporation! New Book Takes a Courageous Look at a Centuries-Old Error of the Church

ASHBURN, Va., March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Apparently, the traditional structure of most churches is not only unbiblical but potentially harmful. That’s the underlying assertion in Rev. LeRoy Thompson’s latest book, The Biblical Role Of Pastor: Correcting The Error Of Our Ways.

Rev. Thompson (not to be confused with the Louisiana-based "Money-Cometh" minister by the same name) is a pastor himself. And that’s part of what makes this book an eye-catcher. For one, it’s rare for someone in ministry to be objective enough to critique his or her own role. Secondly, his critique is scholarly, compelling, and offers insightful recommendations to what he cites as a significant problem.

What stands out is his compassion for the very thing this book exposes. His research suggests that churches, have inherited a "monarchial" structure whose roots go back more than 1500 years. He carefully documents the history of how our current approach to the role of pastor became unbiblical, even down to the underlying Hebrew-Aramaic and Koine Greek language.

"I know these are controversial issues," says Rev. Thompson. "But I love the church enough to suggest that the pattern of a plurality of leadership laid out in the scriptures is clear. The errant "one-man show" is unfortunately entrenched in the church’s cultural DNA. The real point though is that this has had a negative impact on our only real goal as pastors: ‘equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.’ I believe it’s time to look at how we can better facilitate the Great Commission across all denominations."

The research in the book is fairly deep and comprehensive. Rev Thompson has a PhD from Trinity Theological Seminary, a Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia University, and a BA in English Harvard University. He’s also a popular conference speaker, award-winning author and radio personality. He and his wife Rita hosted the popular "Going Deep" radio broadcast on Salem Media’s WAVA FM in Washington, DC. His book, Mastering the Challenges of Change received a Newberry Book Award in 1995. Messages From The Mercy Seat was published in 2012 and "Saved For Success" in 2020.

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