"The Last Years of Human Life on Earth" a New Science Fiction Book Announced by Donald A. Eisner

LOS ANGELES, July 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In "The Last Years of Human Life on Earth" the science fiction story describes how the human population may largely disappear in the next 75 years. With the destruction of civilization, there is virtually only a handful of humans who are still surviving. How long can humans persist on this planet? The short story is an apocalyptic vision of what might happen in the next decades. Technology has vastly improved the standard of living, but when it all disappears it is a different scenario. People will live as if they are in the caveman era.

Don Eisner is a psychologist and attorney who has written several science fiction stories entitled: "Eisner Science Fiction and Fantasy Chronicles." One story written in 2018 seems to have predicted the Covid 19 virus. Not all stories are end of the world, and a few are funny (see Supergrouch). But in "The Last Years of Human Life on Earth," according to Eisner "This is about what might go wrong in our society. Hopefully, my predictions will not be too accurate."

But what is frightening is that the dystopian scenario almost seems more real with each passing year. There are volcanoes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes fires, homelessness, covid viruses that plague our way of life. The government is not adequately able to deal with these environmental assaults. As described in Last Years at every turn, there are obstacles to remedying the problems. If an invention looks as if it might help solve the toxic pollution, there are saboteurs who intervene and destroys its application. The government disappears and so everyone is on their own. As time goes on, there is no internet, no electricity, and a complete shutdown of society.

What seems impossible to imagine does not seem so much now.

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