Sam Jane Brown’s “Forgotten Word” Predicts Tech Will Be the One World Religion

Nina Johnston, (Emmerdale’s)Tom Lister and (Brooksides’s) Dean Sullivan will star in the upcoming short film 

MANCHESTER, England, July 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sam Jane Brown, an acclaimed author and new world philosopher, has completed her short film, "Forgotten Word," based on her popular and controversial religious-themed book by the same name. Brown also wrote the screenplay for the film, which is poised to catch the attention of all major global film festivals for the 2022-23 season.

Religion has been a central part of the human experience for many years. It has provided comfort in times of trouble and helped people to make sense of the world around them. However, some believe that religion is nothing more than a set of outdated beliefs that have no place in the modern world. In her novel, "Forgotten Word," Brown explored the role of religion in a future world where it has been outlawed. While the book is fiction, it raised some interesting questions about the role of religion in society and the potential impact of a world without it. Brown’s second book in the series, "The New System," picks up where "Forgotten Word" left off and continues to explore the implications of a world without religion. These books offer an intriguing look at a potential future for humanity and provoke much thought and discussion.

The film "Forgotten Word" is an intelligent and compelling art house drama with supernatural undertones and intense, metaphoric imagery and meaning. The film stars Nina Johnston ("Outlander" and "Waterloo Road"), Tom Lister ("Emmerdale") and Dean Sullivan ("Brookside") and is directed by Carlton Holder

Its synopsis is intriguing: First, they banned and burned books. Religion has been outlawed, and the internet has gone offline worldwide. Rumor is that something is coming to replace it – a new system. Will technology replace religion? Will this iteration of the internet become God? As a chilling new order is close to being ushered in, an Irish detective, Zena McGrath, trying to navigate a dark world in transition, finds herself in a surreal, ideological and spiritual struggle between two preternatural entities: a charming blond man and a melancholy teenage girl. The film raises interesting questions about the future of religion and technology and how they might interact.

What conspires is that the One World Religion becomes technology.

"The disgrace of this relates to how this is all happening right in front of our faces, but everyone who has any influence is totally silent," Brown said in an interview with the London Economic. "We have UN meetings and international rules being issued that are clearly intended to wipe out Christian beliefs and replace them with socialist-inspired junk."

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