Sacred Medicine Offers Women and Men a Master Class for Exiting Survival Mode and Stepping into Ecstatic Living

BETHESDA, Md., Sept. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Laura Di Franco, CEO of Brave Healer Productions, announces the publication of Sacred Medicine: Mystical Practices for Ecstatic Living. Led by Jen Piceno, ORDM, RMT, LMT, THP, a wealth consciousness coach, life management consultant, energy medicine specialist and priestess, Sacred Medicine offers ancient wisdom served up by 25 master teachers who help people find answers to life’s greatest questions. Among them are how does one achieve peak health and wealth? How does one find satisfying relationships? How does one discover their life purpose? How does one change their life while avoiding change they don’t want?

In the book, Piceno writes: Your life experiences hold power, wisdom, and potent medicine. It’s time to handcraft your unique magical potion, soul-expanding medicine, and healing salve by trusting the process and leaping into happiness. You’re a divine being with the power to transform everything that has caused you harm, struggle, heartache, or disappointment. The transformation begins now."

In Sacred Medicine readers will discover how to awaken their inner dragon to connect to their source of power, how to manifest their soulmate, ways to use sacred rest to be their best by doing less, and acupressure points to relieve anxiety and stress for them and their pet. Also how to use their home’s energy to create a sacred haven and what’s involved in taking a mind bath of sensual reconnection post-menopause.

In addition to Piceno, the book’s contributors are Asherah Allen, Dr. Josie Beug, Susan Connor, Aliesha Davis,, Darlene de la Plata, Eirikah Delaunay, Amber Dobkins, Melissa Jolly Graves, Katy Jo Holton, Dr. Stephanie Rae Grenier, James Kealiipiilani Kawainui, Morrighan Lynne, Laura Mazzotta, Carolyn McGee, Kelly Myerson, Lynn Olivari, Douglas Rarden, Darby Ryon, Sarah Sparks, Lulu Trevena, Melanie Weller, Victoria Welsh, Atlantis Wolf, and Chelsea Woudstra.

Praise for Sacred Medicine

"Medicine comes in more forms than a pill bottle. Sacred Medicine reminds us of the magic that lives in all of us, and that the power of silence, stillness, and trust in our inner selves is where we can begin to find it. Follow journey after journey of self-discovery of our own ability to be whole and that sharing our sacred medicine is why we are here." Dianna Leeder CPCC, CEO/Life Hack at Crave More Life Coaching, author

"Finding sacred medicine in our lives is a lifelong journey, and for most of us, one that is rarely taught or modeled. Here, in this beautiful collection, are 25 way-showers who can help you illuminate what is sacred and worthy of loving attention in your life, so you can heal from the inside out. From earth medicine to self-care, this is a veritable cornucopia of inspiration. Pick a chapter and sit with the wisdom within, offered so generously. And open to the possibilities of a new way of birthing what is holy and sacred in you."  Ashana, international sacred chant and healing music artist, sound healer and creator of the Crystal Bowl Mastery™ program 

"If you hear a calling to reconnect to your soul and spirit to express, elevate, and empower yourself to who you feel you are deep inside, your Sacred Medicine may be within these pages. Jen Piceno, spiritual guide, and 24 shamans, healers, and coaches share methods and their ‘medicine.’ You will love this book!" — Anna Pereira, head goddess,

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