Right Leader Right Time Audible Debut Features Four Leadership Styles to Tackle Workplace in Crisis

How can companies build better teams amid the Great Resignation chaos?

CHICAGO, Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — InterimExecs, the top firm for deploying interim executives, announced today the Audible audiobook debut of co-founders Robert Jordan and Olivia Wagner: Right Leader Right Time: Discover Your Leadership Style for a Winning Career and Company (G&D Media). The Audible version will be released on September 26, 2022 in an unabridged version that also includes four hours of bonus interviews with leaders.

The print edition was released earlier this year to critical acclaim by the leading book trade publication Kirkus Reviews: “Jordan and Wagner write with clarity and energy throughout, and businesspeople who seek to more fully understand the nature of their leadership style are likely to learn a lot.” 

Since launching in 2009, InterimExecs took the concept of leadership-on-demand from an underground community to a red-hot, mainstream specialty by creating an elite team of interim, project, and fractional C-suite executives wired for challenge. As experts in deploying the right leader into fast growing or troubled organizations, Jordan and Wagner inspire companies amid the battle for top talent with their leadership style and matchmaking methodology. 

“Businesses around the world are facing a challenging time with increasing forces of commoditization, a volatile job market with an expanding remote and work from home movement, supply chain disruptions, inflation and talk of a recession,” said InterimExecs co-founder and CEO Robert Jordan. “Businesses who have a firm grasp on where they are right now, and the leadership style needed to take them to the next level, will have greater success at navigating these hurdles.”

Right Leader Right Time identifies four leadership styles (Fixer, Artist, Builder, and Strategist — or FABS), that are needed at different stages in a company’s journey. Right Leader Right Time includes insights and real-world examples from over 120 leaders that showcase the unique approach and best practices employed by each leadership style.

Listeners of the upcoming Audible release of Right Leader Right Time will enjoy four hours of bonus content with a Q&A featuring in-depth discussions with eight leaders originally featured in the book. One of the discussions features Eric Kish, a Fixer leader who is energized by turning around troubled projects and organizations. He saved a major European oil refinery facing imminent bankruptcy with half billion dollars in overdue debt and 3,500 people laid off. We look at Eric’s background from training in the Israel Defense Force to developing a mindset and skillset to take the company from failure to triumphant IPO at $450M valuation.

“We’ve seen that all exceptionally successful leaders have a dominant leadership style and when you match that up with the right skills, mindset and abilities, you can get extraordinary results. The right leadership can truly change the trajectory of an organization,” said InterimExecs co-founder and President Olivia Wagner.”

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InterimExecs matches organizations facing fast growing or troubled organizations around the globe with top interim, contract and project executives. Through the Rapid Executive Deployment Programâ„¢, they send executive superheroes from the RED Team into companies facing a leadership gap or challenge such as declining sales, operational inefficiencies, roadblocks in launching a new initiative, product or service, or misalignment within the company.

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Robert Jordan, Olivia Wagner and select executives featured in the audiobook are available for interviews.

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