Professor Oswaldo Lucca, Releases New Book “Salsa Music In The Pacific Northwest: A Collective Memoir” Is A Dedication To The Salsa Community That Inspired So Many & Includes 3 CDs of Salsa & Latin Jazz Music Spanning Four Decades

New Book "Salsa Music In The Pacific Northwest" Puts A Spotlight On Local Talent & Pays Tribute To Musicians Who Dedicated Their Lives To Their Craft

This book project includes three CDs curated by Steve Guasch from Salsaneo Records, with a selection of forty original Salsa and Latin jazz songs from the Pacific NW bands so that readers can enjoy different samples from the last forty years of Salsa music in the area.

Author Oswaldo Lucca wanted to document, validate, and recognize all of the talent and effort of local musicians with the release of "Salsa Music In The Pacific Northwest: A Collective Memoir."

WOODINVILLE, Wash., Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Author Oswaldo Lucca has officially announced this week the launch of his highly anticipated book, Salsa Music In The Pacific Northwest: A Collective Memoir. His new book follows the release of Salsa Informant, a Salsa dancing calendar originally published in 1994. Salsa Music In The Pacific Northwest is the first of its kind, that not only brings readers into the lives of musicians from the Pacific NW, but showcases a broad range of talent from the Salsa community, and includes a breadth of musical selections from the last 40 years of Salsa and Latin jazz.

During a recent interview, Oswaldo Lucca was quoted as saying, "I had contemplated this project since 1994 when I first started to publish Salsa Informant, a local salsa dancing calendar. This project is about following the evolution of the local Salsa music and giving a voice to the very people who were part of creating this community of Salsa music in the Pacific Northwest. What started out as a simple compilation of music from local bands has evolved into a historical dedication to not just the local orchestras but also the Salsa community as a whole: dancers, DJs, venues, musicians, promoters, etc."

The book involved the collaboration of many people from the Salsa and Latin jazz music community in the region and has nine chapters written by key members of the Salsa community.

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