Paying It Forward with The Underground Project Kickstarter Campaign to Help Struggling Developing Nations and Domestic Students Pay for U.S. Medical School

BROADLANDS, Va., May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Veterinary Doctor Deji Ayoade is paying it forward with all proceeds raised from the sales of his memoirs through The Underground Project Kickstarter Campaign to help struggling developing nations and domestic medical students pay their tuition in the U.S.  

"While growing up in poverty in Nigeria, I remember being hungry for days while studying for exams. As an international graduate student in the U.S., if it wasn’t for the kindness of strangers and opportunities in America, I wouldn’t have been able to complete my graduate degree in the U.S.," said Deji Ayoade.

Now he wants to pay it forward by telling his story through his memoirs called Underground: A Memoir of Hope, Faith, and the American Dream. The book is an inspiration for all readers including new immigrants and American-born citizens.

He wants this book to inspire all readers—those who might be feeling afraid or worn down and wondering if the grief and uncertainty towards achieving their life dreams are worth the pain.

"I also want to illuminate what so many people take for granted," said Ayoade.

It tells his unusual journey from childhood poverty to where he is today and tells how the impossible became a reality. He also writes how he survived near-death experiences when most people around him weren’t so lucky.

"I wish for my story to exemplify how faith can prevail in the face of adversity, including poverty, betrayal, grief, and near-death. I hope it reveals how this country’s promise and basic stability to help immigrants heal and move forward from great loss and tragedy," said Ayoade.

The ultimate goal of the book is to motivate people to give back to the country that offers them so much.

He also writes about how he is willing to serve his country rather than pursue fame and fortune. Despite being a successful physician, he wanted to serve his country and became the first African immigrant to operate a nuclear missile in the U.S.

He also served in the navy, air force, and space force.

"While operating the world’s deadliest weapons 70 feet underground, I remember the promise I made myself to pay forward the kindness and generosity many have shown me since immigrating to the U.S. that have turned my dreams into reality," said Ayoade.

That’s when the idea of using the book as a fundraiser occurred.

"Underground is my story of the American dream. Some people try to forget their past, especially the bitter parts. I prefer to hold on to every moment," said Ayoade.

He will be donating all the proceeds raised from his memoirs to Solani, which is an educational and medical nonprofit.

Book sales will play a major role in fundraising to help sustain the annual scholarship awards from Solani, with the hopes that award recipients will someday also pay it forward. Solani’s three primary goals include:

  • Provide academic scholarships to international students from developing countries in need of additional financial support while in undergraduate or graduate studies in the U.S.
  • Encourage medical specialization in Oncology and Geriatric Medicine by providing scholarships to third and fourth-year U.S. medical students.
  • While providing academic scholarships, leverage the established network of talents in the medical arena to conduct Public Health missions in the U.S. and developing countries worldwide.

"If you’re interested in helping me pay it forward, you can contribute to The Underground Project Kickstarter campaign by choosing one of the many tiers. Books are available as eBooks, signed or unsigned premium paperback, and premium hardcover formats," said Ayoade.

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