Newly Published Epistolary Work Speaks to Vast Injustice and Extortion That Can Happen Within One Family Over a Lifetime – Author F. Castro Del Ruz Releases ‘Twin Virgins of the World: Poetic Letters to a Nation’

KINGS COUNTY, N.Y., March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — F. Castro Del Ruz ( announced the upcoming release of her newest book, “Twin Virgins of the World,” scheduled for publication on March 26, 2021. “Twin Virgins” is a deeply personal memoir-in-letters addressing a toxic world that disenfranchises and dispossesses some of the most vulnerable members of our society. A poignant mediation on the nature of loss, “Twin Virgins” is a complicated and experimental poetic tableau ranging across topics like copyright, terrorism, extortion, birthright, artistic loss, and stolen inheritance. “Twin Virgins” is available for purchase via the author’s website and

Synopsis of “Twin Virgins of the World”:

“As one of the Twin Virgins, I wrote this as a way to address a wide spectrum of abuses and trauma suffered by myself and my sister,” said Castro Del Ruz, a.k.a Myrtle Pauline Rowl. “Especially the lasting abuse suffered at the hands of our families and those who we were supposed to trust, in what amounted to the most intimate of betrayals. The full scope of our loss is still being evaluated and reckoned with today – especially the prejudice and disenfranchisement, which are both tools used to keep power consolidated with abusers and keep us both in poverty. The intent and desire to establish boundaries is vital for everyone’s individual soul enhancement on this physical plane, and this book explores the fragility and value of one’s life.”

“Radical bigotry is used in every aspect of our lives to divide and conquer, as well as to elevate the ongoing economic disenfranchisement of all citizens irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity, or nationality. My entire family is a fraudulent masquerade who implanted themselves with us for mere financial gain. Much like so many of those famous stories depicting children who were stripped of their inheritance by the cruel machinations of their family members, the nonfiction begins with the father. “Twin Virgins,” reveals that the conspirators had no fathers on their birth certificates. There was a creation of a fraudulent marriage to secure illegitimate children for financial gain and set the stage to fraudulently eradicate “the twin daughters” rightful heirs of their inheritance and birthright.

“Furthering the overall nonfiction, local church members also played a role, stealing and taking from us as well. And as the pandemic unfolded, we had to consider the legacy of the experiments we believe were performed on us as children, along with the ramifications of allowing the medical establishment to further cross boundaries that had already been violated. Experience is a critical teacher, and we knew listening to its wisdom could keep us from harm.”

46-Year-Old Twin Virgins Speak Out:

“These ‘Poetic Letters to a Nation,’ were crafted to shed light on such important, often unexplored topics like the systematic bullying and violence against women. We sisters have used our poetry to speak out, writing letters aimed at exposing subjective experiences and calling for change in people and culture as a whole. The book also contains striking photographs to pair with the letters. The final pages of the book contain a targeted ‘prescription’ for reforms in government that would lead to stronger legislation. Especially legislation prosecuting those responsible for widespread abuses against women – experienced as financial, emotional, physical, religious, and sexual reproductive terrorism.”

“Ultimately, we offer resistance against oppression and silence. We lift our voices up, and ask others to do the same. We lift our voices up to say: ‘The life of my body is mine – created by God, and the stars of the universe. We are not slaves!'”  Also see Exposed, Broken Trust published Dec 8, 2020 and Unmask Hidden Truth published Dec 11, 2020.

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