New Memoir Explores What It Was Like to Be a Cop and ATF Agent

TUCSON, Ariz., Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Mark Rusin loved being a cop in Sin City, where he spent four years before becoming an ATF agent. Now retired, Rusin says, “Any cop will tell you there is nothing like hustling to a hot call or being the first person on the scene of a murder. In my mind, cops are all heroes. Who else do you know that puts on a bullet-proof vest with their name and blood type on it before going to work?”

In his new book, METRO Sin City Chronicles, Rusin, who has served as a consultant to the CSI TV show and whose first book is being considered for a screenplay, shares a collection of stories that make readers feel as though they are riding shotgun with him. The tales are alternatively wild, funny, and heart-wrenching.

Rusin grew up on the Southside of Chicago, where he was a crime victim twice as a child. In adulthood when he was unable to land a job in that city’s police or fire departments he headed west. He was sworn in as a Las Vegas police officer one day after his 25th birthday. Rusin’s beat was the fabulous Strip, where he had a front-row seat to the seedy underbelly of one of America’s greatest tourist attractions. In a career spanning 30-plus years, he would come into contact with gamblers, prostitutes, unfaithful spouses, drug-smugglers, gun-runners and even presidents.

In an interview, he can talk about:

  • How a gambling junket from Chicago to Las Vegas changed his life
  • Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter
  • The realities of being a cop now and then. Why would anyone want the job?
  • Bizarre things he witnessed as a METRO police officer in Las Vegas
  • Pulling dead bodies from the MGM Grand hotel fire when he was a rookie
  • Graft, corruption, the mob and law enforcement
  • Presidents he met and protected

Praise for METRO Sin City Chronicles

Mark Rusin captures the essence of policing Las Vegas in his Sin City Chronicles. It is a great and entertaining series of stories that evoke an amazing time in Vegas history.” – Lt. Randy Sutton, Las Vegas METRO Police Department, (Ret.) author of A Cop’s Life and founder of The Wounded Blue

About the Author

Mark Rusin served as a Las Vegas METRO police officer from 1980 to 1983. He retired from his career as an ATF special agent in 2007. He studied law enforcement administration at Western Illinois University. In addition to METRO: Sin City Chronicles, he also wrote Justice For Dallas. The latter is based on real events and is being turned into a screenplay. 

Contact: Mark Rusin, (520) 205-1113;

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