New Book Shares Lessons from Women Who Hold Black Belts Who Are Changing the World

BETHESDA, Md., March 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Black Belt Women: Lessons on Perseverance, the latest book from Brave Healer Productions, is filled with stories of women who not only kick and punch but exhibit indomitable spirit outside the dojang.

Laura Di Franco, the CEO of Brave Healer Productions, is one of the women contributing chapters. Her martial arts journey began at 38 when she interested her then five-year-old son in doing Taekwondo. Six years later the two earned black belts. In the books introduction she writes, I was addicted from day one, and would continue to train for over 14 years, well after my son stopped. What I felt addicted to in the beginning would not be why I would continue on to a rank of third degree. The physical rush would always be there, but the mental shift was the game-changer.”

Di Franco’s chapter in the book is about making fear a choice; other contributors write about kicking and punching your way to healing, going from weak to warrior eliminating excuses, and more. Also contributing to Black Belt Women were Dr. Soolmaz Abooali, Jo Behari, Master Maria Carrera, Master Nury V. Criollo, Bonnie Durkin, Stephanie Jynelle Imhoff, Ronda Livingston, Christina Morris, Taryn Phoenix, Grand Master Barbara Robinson, and Master Lois Schoenbrun.

Di Franco points out that only a small fraction of the population has earned a black belt, something like only 3% to 5% of those who begin training, and only 1% of students move on to a higher rank and most of them are male.

Just as the practice of martial arts does, Black Belt Women can give people an appreciation for the way awareness, curiosity, courage, confidence, and self-compassion can not only change their lives but be harnessed to make the world a stronger place.

Praise for Black Belt Women

“This is truly a book of perseverance written by women from all walks of life old and young, corporate leaders and small business owners, their ethnic origins as diverse as their martial arts disciplines. What they do have in common is that they achieved their black belt designations while facing a litany of challenges and obstacles and overcoming them through their love of martial arts, while supporting others in their journeys. I challenge you, whether you are a martial artist or not, whether you are a woman or not, to read this book. You will indeed find yourself crying, laughing, and feeling a sisterhood with these amazing, loving and tough women who have put their greatest trials and accomplishments out for all to read and learn from. I guarantee these stories will transform you!” Master Linda Spellious – sixth-degree black belt, co-owner of Spellious Martial Arts Moline, Illinois

“Black belt women of different professions tell their stories on how martial arts training has helped them with perseverance and indomitable spirit. Mental toughness is perseverance on steroids.” Tina Feraca, fifth-dan, chair, USTC Women’s Committee, United States Taekwondo Committee

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