New Book Helps Women Connect with Their Superpowers to Live Their Best Lives

BETHESDA, Md., Aug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Laura Di Franco, CEO of Brave Healer Productions, announces the publication of Find Your Voice, Save Your Life 2, a Voices of Women and Brave Healer Productions collaboration and the second book in a new series from Crave More Life Coaching & Consulting, founded by life coach Dianna Leeder.

Brave Healer Productions has separately published multiple collaborative book projects. In Find Your Voice, Save Your Life 2, Leeder, and 25 other women share their personal survival stories in the hope that other women will draw inspiration from them. Ida B, who contributed to the first volume, returns alongside new contributors Lisa Adam; Kim Almond; Barb Bahan; Stacy J. Belinsky; Alannah Boyle; Lisa Eddy; Sharleen Froats; Liz Hanzi; Sarah Case Hawthorne; Michelle Burks Hogan; Maysha; Lisa Marie McCardle; Pam McDonel; Kelly Myerson; Carole Park, Keady Phelan, Dr. Elle Provencher; Lindsay Reiling; Shelley Roman; Kelley Storum; Tamara V. Tarasova; Erica Thomas; Jeanine M. Vitale; and Judithann Walz.

Chapters in the book deal with such topics as learning to speak up in a man’s world, transforming shame into self-compassion, putting oneself first, the hazards of being a "good girl," and a people-pleaser.

Leeder, a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and an ACI Certified Confidence Coach writes that each of the authors reached the point where they said "I’m done" because they could no longer live without their voices being heard.

"So how the hell do we keep from losing our voices?" she asks. "By consistently asking what every author of this book, and of the last one, asked, am I being true to myself? Fully expressing who we are from our heart and soul is why we’re here, I believe that. None of us are meant to be voiceless, feel challenged, or doubt ourselves. We’re here to know who we are and to be her."

Praise for Find Your Voice 2

"You will find incredible beauty in this book as courageous, strong, sparkling women write their personal truths. You will marvel at the intimacy in the stories. … There’s no one story I can point to as ‘the one that must be read.’ But regardless of where you start, you’ll cry, be amazed, rejoice, and see yourself in every journey. Prepare to learn a great deal about yourself." — Jai Mills, registered social worker, civil servant, womens advocate

"Fuel for one’s soul can feel like hurt piled upon hurt. This book is the anecdote. Its a compilation of real women’s stories about finding their voices and making sense of what has happened to them and to us, in spite of us, or because of us. Tapping into their strength, courage, and commitment to personal growth, they offer examples of what others can strive to find in themselves. … Read this book to feel hope, optimism, and a sense of calming conviction…" — Dr. Jeanette K. Winters, executive coach, leadership and management consultant, managing partner at Parrish Partners, columnist at HREN, faculty member, University of Houston, Victoria’s School of Business

"The voices of these courageous women authors lead the way for the rest of us, showing us how to heal from the inside out. Their brave words chart a path for us to speak our truth. When we heal ourselves, we heal the world. This book is a profound and potent addition to any library and to the world." — Elizabeth R. Kipp, stress management specialist, international best-selling author, The Way Though Chronic Pain

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