New Book Helps Business Leaders Become Powerful Speakers Using the Latest Brain Science

In The Myth of Public Speaking, psychotherapist and renowned speech coach Danny Slomoff also explains why there is no such thing as public speaking

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Blank looks. Confused expressions. People looking at their cell phones or wishing they were anywhere else. When business executives lose their audiences, it is usually because they have bought into communication myths.

According to Danny Slomoff, Ph.D., the author of the new book The Myth of Public Speaking: The Revolutionary Brain-Based System for Communicating in Business (Caruso Press), there is no such thing as public speaking—it’s simply talking. And talking is the same whether it is to one person or an auditorium full of people.

He says, “The research shows that every human being is born with the neurons for perfect speaking. Instead of using them, we learn to talk by imitating parents and peer groups. As a result, we create an alternative habit pattern full of errors. At Slomoff Consulting Group, we use a system of exercises to stimulate the correct neurons. Executives immediately experience speaking perfectly without errors.”

Slomoff asserts that there are no natural-born speakers. Similar to all brain-based coordination systems like music and sports, speaking at the highest level requires practice and commitment. The benefit of using The Slomoff Method© is that there are no techniques involved. Instead, it utilizes the way human brains are wired. The method is based on his 35 years of executive leadership coaching with more than 25,000 business leaders and peak performers, including Olympic athletes, dancers, and musicians.

In an interview, Dr. Slomoff, who overcame his own speaking challenges, can talk about:

  • What the world’s best communicators do
  • 5 neurological behaviors of authentic executive presence
  • Why mind contact matters more than eye contact
  • Where speech patterns and bad habits come from
  • Why “winging it” is disrespectful and self-confidence is incredibly deceiving
  • The significance of The Swing, The Game, and The Emotional Inner World

Praise for The Myth of Public Speaking

“At Salesforce, effective communication is a critical skill we expect in all of our top leaders. Danny’s teaching and mentorship have been crucial to giving them the skill and confidence they need to get there.” Parker Harris, CTO and co-founder, Salesforce

“This book gives deep insights into how to be great communicators and truly impact your stakeholders. It’s a must-read.” — Chirantan CJ Desai, chief operating officer, ServiceNow Inc.

This book explains how to ensure your message lands — and changes minds — every time.” Hilary Gosher, managing director, Insight Partners

 “Danny’s coaching is based on current neurological research and is highly insightful. Everyone can learn something — whether you are just starting out or a seasoned executive. As someone who used to be terrified of getting on stage, I can say 100% that Danny’s system just works.” Sara Varni Bright, CMO, Attentive

About the Author

Danny Slomoff is CEO of Slomoff Consulting Group and the founder of the Slomoff Method© and coaches CEOs and C-suite executives worldwide on their corporate communication. His programs are used by companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 corporations to startups. Slomoff, who earned a Ph.D. in both clinical and organizational psychology, is the speaking coach for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Olympic team. He is also a renowned keynote speaker on the Neurology of Impact Communication and Storytelling. A resident of Mill Valley, Calif., he enjoys stage performing as an amateur actor and concert singer.

For more information, contact Ariana Donaldson at Slomoff Consulting Group, (415) 606-0099;

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