New Book Explains How Having Fun with Fear Fuels Your Purpose and Mission

BETHESDA, Md., April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fear serves a purpose but too often it also provides an excuse not to do something. Not to take that leap of faith into the unknown that can lead to growth and change. In her new book, How to Have Fun with Your Fear: Share Your Brave Words and Change the World (Brave Healer Productions), author Laura Di Franco shares a method for “feeling the fear and doing it anyway.”

Di Franco says, “This isn’t just a powerful guide, or a presentation of fear science, it’s a book that will get you over your excuses and resistance and have way more fun with the whole journey. The Brave Healer method is a combination of awareness, self-discovery, and evolutionary badassery that’ll help you use fear as fuel, and make the moves that will change the world.”

According to Di Franco, a healer, martial artist, and mother who used to sublimate her desires to that of her familys, having fun with fear requires three steps: knowing what you want, feeling everything, and taking action toward what you want, despite the negative voices in your head.

In an interview, she can talk about:

  • Some of the scary things she has done, from drag racing to asking for a divorce and starting a publishing company
  • What she means by “fear as a compass”
  • Whether there is such a thing as TMI
  • Why fear is just a feeling and the story behind her YFIB tattoo

Praise for How to Have Fun with Your Fear

“Fear or love. With awareness we have a choice. A conscious practice helps us make a shift toward love in any moment. This book is a guide for making that powerful shift.” Jack Canfield, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™

“We all have fears. It’s time to live full-on! How to Have Fun with Your Fear is a MUST-read if you know it’s time to play big as you make the world a better place.” Anna Pereira, The Wellness Universe Founder, event producer, author 

This is a book that you’ll either wish you had written or wish you could have read in your 30s. Laura Di Franco gives it all away in this book; her wisdom, her experience, her love, her pain, and her bravery.” Ginny Robertson, founder of the On Purpose Woman Community and On Purpose Woman Magazine

About the Author

Laura Di Franco, MPT is the CEO of Brave Healer Productions which publishes world-changing, best-selling wellness books that honor the business success of the author as much as the healing journey of the reader. She’s on a mission to change the world, one brave word at a time and is proud to be called a badass. Visit to learn more about her. A full list of services offered by Brave Healing Productions can be found here. 

Contact:  Laura Di Franco, (703) 915-3653;

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