‘My Girly Unicorn’ – New Colorful Children’s Book Aims to Stop Early Childhood Bullying Before It Begins

Limited time free eBook downloads, along with music and other supplemental activities for parents and educators

BOSTON, Dec. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Children’s author John Pedicini announced limited-time free access to digital copies of his new children’s title “My Girly Unicorn,” along with supplemental materials like free coloring pages, music, affordable stickers, crochet patterns and more. Centered on a uniquely different character, “My Girly Unicorn” weaves a strong anti-bullying message for children – especially those who are perceived as “different” or are singled out by bullies for moving against the crowd. Written to help parents and educators fight early childhood bullying, “My Girly Unicorn” is lushly illustrated by Indonesian artist, Cono, and offers lessons of confidence, kindness, and resilience. The book is available for free download via the “My Girly Unicorn” website, with Kindle and paperback versions available for purchase via Amazon.

“We already know that bullying is a problem that starts early,” said John Pedicini. “According to the internationally respected anti-bullying initiative, the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, more than ‘22% of third graders reported being bullied 2-3 times a month or more, with girls having a slightly higher prevalence of bullying victimization than boys.’ This book is an anti-exclusionary story that helps teach young readers self-worth, equipping them with significant psychological tools they can use in the face of this ongoing problem. And the story does so in a fun and memorable way.”

“My Girly Unicorn” – Synopsis

My Girly Unicorn” is a resilient guide filled with lessons of hope and joy. The main character, a girl unicorn with multicolored hair and a purple horn, refuses to change who she is despite being bullied. She represents a deep character who is proud of who she is, regardless of how she looks to the other unicorns and despite being the victim of name-calling as she is left out of other unicorn activities. In the end though, the bullies ultimately need her help and so befriend her – proving that despite apparent differences, every single individual has something important to offer.

Glowing with cotton-candy clouds, prismatic rainbows, and gorgeously inviting landscapes that children will love, the book’s illustrations emphasize the unicorn’s appearance as different from the crowd, while highlighting the fun and excitement of being a young unicorn. The universal themes presented are foundational lessons for young readers who will go on to recognize similar stories and archetypes in later literature, representing a moral framework that readers can apply to their lives and share with their friends.

“My Girly Unicorn” is a stellar and vibrant book just waiting at the end of the rainbow for young unicorn readers to experience. Sample the artwork by watching the YouTube synopsis video and check out “My Girly Unicorn” merch online.

“My Girly Unicorn” – Rave Amazon Reviews

“First off, the artwork was absolutely gorgeous, I loved the beautiful colors and the style. I would totally buy two copies, one for my shelf and one for the art, so I could hang it up…”

“I don’t think I have ever seen such an adorable picture book. If I were little or had a daughter or even a niece, this is one picture book I would buy for them – even more so if they are like me. From the illustrations to the bright colors, everything about this book made me squee with glee as it just screams girly and happiness … That’s what I felt when I was reading this book as our girly unicorn’s tale reminded me of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer from all the others excluding and name-calling, and then finally they save the day and everyone wants to be their friends and let them join in on the fun. This book is perfect for children aged 3-6 years old and all those young unicorn lovers out there, whether you are a Pony sister or a Bro…”
–The Phantom Paragrapher

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