Long Island Spiritualist Publishes Book to Help Seekers of Guidance & Self-Love

Stacey Gunnard Writes Uplifting & Heartwarming Memoir of Her Unique Spiritual Life Experience

LONG ISLAND, N.Y., Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Stacey Gunnard (https://staceygunnard.com), Spiritualist / Intuitive Channeler, Author, and Visionary, published her uplifting, humorous, and heartwarming book, titled Recycle Love: A Mystical Memoir. In today’s speedily-changing world, Stacey’s book offers comfort and positive guidance to those seeking answers and self-care advice: https://staceygunnard.com/shop/ols/products/recycle-love-a-mystical-memoir-rcy-lv-a-mys2.

Stacey’s experience includes over 30 years of soul service, offering intuitive channeling, psychic readings, guided meditation, and spiritual counseling. Stacey notes that her offerings are "For those who know that giving is a blessing and the receivers who see the givers as a gift. So give. It’s all love. It’s what we’re made of! … I have been sharing spiritual truths for over 30 years, and I truly believe this is what I was born to do."

A Journey From Tragic To Magic
In her book, spiritualist Stacey Gunnard takes you on a journey from Tragic to Magic, where personal loss and vulnerability become strength, and the driving force is wholeness. A child doesn’t have a choice. We rely fully on our guardians. Through the beauty of forgiveness and the passage of time, all can be healed.

Author, Stacey Gunnard, urges readers to "Do the work, and go deep. Plant new seeds, and in time, you will reap what you sow. The sweetness comes with the ripened fruit. Trust the harvest. This is a testament that with faith and belief in yourself, you can rise above any clouds to the warmth of the sun, with angels, ancestors and Spirit to assist you along the way, from self, back to self."

Self-Love Guidance
Self-love and intention are the impetus that drives her to soar within and heal all the shadow spaces. "The love we feel will always remain, for the heart has its own memory," says the Author.

Stacey Gunnard’s client, Suzanne, wrote, "Stacey is beyond amazing… one of the kindest souls! Whether you have a corporate need, a personal need, or any different kind of need, Stacey has the mystical remedy for your soul!"

Recycle Love: Give & Receive (Instagram Video)

Writer, Stacey Gunnard, points out that "Taking care of yourself, your space, and your soul, isn’t a luxury, it’s mandatory! How you move about in your world, when you’re in alignment with your divinity, is a glorious blessing that ripples across everyone you encounter. Bring that gorgeous self-realized vibe wherever you roam."

Recycle Love: Give & Receive (TikTok video)

Pricing & Availability
The book, Recycle Love: A Mystical Memoir, can be purchased via the Amazon website at:
or, to receive a signed copy with a personal psychic reading, you can purchase the book for $59 from Stacey Gunnard’s website at: https://staceygunnard.com

You can also follow Stacey on her Instagram page at: https://www.instagram.com/ohminthehome
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