Kingdom of the West – An Adventure Set in Old Morocco

Author Sulaiman’s New Novel Reveals the True Story of Freedom Fighters Who Ousted 20th Century French Colonialists

NEW YORK, July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ISIS. Al Qaeda. The Taliban. What spurred the rise of Islamic fundamentalists bent on attacking Western nations? Answer: fierce resentment of Western imperialists who colonized Muslim nations, reduced their people to slaves and stole their nations’ wealth for decades.

Kingdom of the West is the saga of one such nation – Morocco in the era of French colonization, revealing the foreign invaders who ruled that land by tyranny for half the 20th century, the powerful Arab lords who collaborated with France, and the native men and women – Berbers – who rose to fight for freedom:

  • Abdelhai Kittani, Sufi Imam who overthrew a sultanate to avenge the murder of his brother.
  • Pasha T’hami Glaoui, Lord of the Atlas, political tool of France and power behind the throne.
  • Louis De Granville, leader of the Comité du Maroc, the clandestine business leaders that exploited Morocco.
  • Jean Delacroix, a colonialist who seized Morocco’s richest farmland.
  • His daughter Claudine and her secret lover, Mustafa al Fassi, a Berber and the future leader of the Istiqlal, Morocco’s independence movement.
  • Layla Gueliz, female Berber revolutionary who stoked Mustafa al Fassi’s resentment of the racial divide that forbade his love of Claudine.
  • Allan MacNeil, U.S. mercenary for Pasha T’hami Glaoui until lured into marriage with Claudine and the promise of colonial wealth.
  • MacNeil’s close friends, the Yakoub, a Berber clan whose leader Sulaiman chided MacNeil for abiding Jean Delacroix’s racism and fascist politics.
  • Zakaria el Ayadi, a powerful Caid who seized Berber lands by order of Pasha Glaoui.
  • Yusuf ibn Tufayl, leader of l’Armee Liberation Nationale (A.L.N.), a terrorist group that stirred popular hatred of France.
  • Mohammed V, Alaouite Sultan, exiled by France for endorsing the Istiqlal.
  • Claudine’s son, John Singleton MacNeil, who rejected colonialism to become a freedom fighter for African nations.

Given the rampant anti-Muslim and anti-indigenous sentiment that persists to this day in throughout Western nations, Kingdom of the West is highly relevant to the times.

Author "Sulaiman" is an investigative journalist and novelist. He is the author of The Big Black Book of Electronic Surveillance (pseudonym – Edward Teach), exposing the companies that develop and provide spyware solutions for governments worldwide. Haqiiqa Communiqué is a subsidiary of Insider Surveillance Inc.

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