Justin Lunsford Announces New Book “Innocent While Incarcerated”

NEW YORK, June 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Releasing the first collaboration by and between an inmate and a law professor, Justin W Lunsford and Gary L Stuart, dissecting actual innocence, in a time where police, prosecutors, and the justice system have garnered focus for all the wrong reasons. A third party, bad actor Nathaniel Noble, whose DNA has actually been identified at the scene of this gruesome crime by state police, was just released after being arrested for similar acts unrelated to this crime. Will they connect the dots? Is justice the goal? Or will an innocent man remain behind bars? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be snatched from your life, have every decision taken from you, and be separated from those you love for years – despite material evidence exonerating you in every aspect of the alleged crime and subsequent sentence? What are the odds when everything you’ve been taught to trust is wrong, and those who you’ve been conditioned to respect are more concerned with opinion, conjecture, and speculation? When guilt is presumed in exchange for innocence denied – you will read the answers to these life changing questions in his own words, written from behind razor wire – because the truth is…… it could just as easily have been you – a thrilling, but disturbing chronicle of the Arizona Justice system, as told through an urgent story still demanding resolution.

Innocent While Incarcerated: The Diary of Justin Lunsford, available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Media contacts: Heather Lillie 863-269-5895 or Ashley Barselotti 480-229-9443

(This case is also featured on www.actualinnocentprisoners.com and Investigation Discovery’s Reasonable Doubt.) See www.innocentwhileincarcerated.com

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