I Am Equal: New Children’s Picture Book Helps Kids See Firsthand What It Feels Like to be Discriminated Against

OKLAHOMA CITY, April 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In a society that seems to think that some of its citizens are less than due to the color of their skin or where they are from, it can be difficult for kids to realize that what makes them different also makes them special. Our differences are what makes us a great society. It is what leads us to inspire others and to make a lasting and positive impact on the world we all share.

How can kids and even adults learn this lesson? By being put in the position of being discriminated against themselves. A CLASS DIVIDED, the first book in the KIDS EMPATHY SERIES, does exactly that in a unique and powerful way that kids can understand.

School is in session for Ms. Owl’s class. Freddy the Fox is new to school and, because he is different, is being ignored and discriminated against by the others. One by one his fellow students come to understand that being different is not a bad thing and instead of being ignored and discriminated against, we should accept everyone for who they are.

This book teaches the power of empathy and shows us all just how much alike we really are deep down inside.

Beautiful illustrations accompany the lessons taught in this story.

“It teaches them that by not judging others, they can make the world a better place,” Pat Bishop, one of the authors says.

In A CLASS DIVIDED, readers will learn:

  • How we can embrace our differences
  • How not judging others can make us our best selves
  • The importance of working together to battle discrimination
  • How we can discover the uniqueness each of us have
  • Why it is better to decide for our-selves what kind of character someone else has
  • And much more

Summer Bishop, also known as LITTLE SAMI is a 7 year old who helped create A CLASS DIVIDED and contributed to the story. Along with Patrick Bishop, and Michelle Ranjo Bishop.

Available for interviews and guest blog posting. Book available upon request. Book available at amazon and littlesami.com.

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SOURCE Patrick Bishop