Hidden Treasure, Flying Machines, a Royal Duke, and Counterfeit Money Are All in a Day’s Work for a Clever Elementary Schooler Who Is Autistic and Non-Verbal, Using His Wits and Unique Abilities to Foil Two Dishonest Schemes in a New Book Released During Autism Awareness Month

ANNAPOLIS, Md., April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Morris Flip is an elementary school student who is autistic and communicates through realistic sound effects instead of words. When a new summer camp suddenly opens up in town, he accidentally learns it’s a cover for a treasure-hunting royal duke who wants to find a long-lost jewelry collection hidden on the old-abandoned Potts estate. Couple that with a fraudulent money-printing scheme and he and his Mortimer Potts Elementary School friends have their hands full. Will Morris be able to save the day? Author Liz Cooper weaves a tale of adventure, diversity, and problem-solving in the third volume of her Potts-Abilities middle-grade series featuring disability-abled characters.

Morris and Mitzi (using her cane, Tappity) and the others padded quietly across the foyer into the old dining room. They fanned out and stood in front of the large mural. They were soon joined by Neville, Ramon, and Marques, who had also decided look for the treasure. Marques was an excellent artist and he immediately noticed some interesting details on the painted wall.

“Everybody, stand back and look at the mural. Does it look familiar?” he asked.

“Oh my gosh! It’s a map of the Mortimer Potts Estate,” said Bonnie. She rolled her wheelchair closer.

Morris made a noise that sounded like a crowd cheering. He grabbed Mitzi’s hand once more and placed it on the wall. Mitzi felt the smooth paint and realized there were tiny bumps in some areas, as if the artist had mixed a bit of rough sand in with some of the paint. They seemed to be arranged in a wavy line reminding her of braille. The bumps might be a clue. 

Author Liz Cooper, former nurse and retired elementary educator, enjoys writing funny stories about resilient young characters dealing with unique challenges. Liz is also passionate about promoting literacy. She has a master’s degree in reading education and has written a book parents in order to help them analyze and improve their children’s reading skills. Morris Flip Sound Machine is the third book in Cooper’s Potts-Abilities collection featuring the kids at Mortimer Potts Elementary School, joining Bluebell Skinks Wheelchair Kid and Mitzi Mufflin Principal for a Day. These middle-grade books, revealing disability-abled and diverse characters, demonstrate good leadership, problem-solving, creativity, and independence. Two of these books have been chosen by The American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults to be printed in Braille and sent to 4,000 blind children for free later this year. http://www.lizcooperauthor.com  
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