Ethicist Dr. Kashonia Carnegie Posits an Unrecognized Link between COVID-19, Climate Change & Women's Empowerment

MELBOURNE, Australia, Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — BOTH COVID and Climate Change have a common source—environmentally unsustainable practices based on outdated, unethical “Me” attitudes. The solution can be found in the rise in a caring feminine-energy-based “We” culture.

The dominating “Me” attitude, characteristic of the number 1, prevailed throughout the last 1000 years. With the arrival of the 2000s a new, ethical “We” focus dawned that “coincidentally” for thousands of years has been characteristic of the number 2.

This new We-2 attitude is saying enough is enough to the Me-1 mindset with its dominating, bully-boy tactics and frequently in many areas, corruption.

Supported by the quantum theory of global consciousness, it’s positive We feminine-2-energy at this time that’s arguably behind the rise in the status of women.

Although more commonly found in women, this positive We feminine-2-energy is essential for both men and women to adopt now our new 2000-millennium is with us. It’s interesting to see the increasing acceptance of the new, softer, 2020-We version of Joe Biden, versus the very negative, outdated Me focused Donald Trump.

Philosopher/Ethicist, Dr Kashonia Carnegie, author of Conscious Change Today: From Me to We ~ COVID, Climate Change, and the Rise of Feminine-Energy, says: “For our world to change it’s vital that we move from our negative, last-millennium Me culture to an ethical We attitude”.

Most scientists agree that COVID is ultimately caused by the unsustainable destruction of habitat and biodiversity due to some form of human development—built or agricultural—very Me activities. So native wildlife, who carry these viruses, have had to come in closer and closer contact with humans. The same unsustainable humanisation of our natural world is also the basis of climate change.

Poignantly, Dr. Carnegie asks is COVID just a very mild practice run for Climate Change that will make COVID seem like child’s play, both socially and economically?

“Our ever growing 2020 We culture is demanding a conscious change today. We ignore that Me to We change, at our peril”.

Dr Kashonia Carnegie is a Moral Philosopher with a PhD in the Ethics of Conscious Change and the author of Conscious Change Today: From Me to We ~ COVID, Climate Change, and the Rise of Feminine-Energy, and the Conscious Change Series of Books. She has successfully used “conscious” We not Me strategies in business, on radio as an award-winning talk-back broadcaster, and teaching MBA Leadership students in Australia and overseas.

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