Daughter of Immigrants & Best-Selling Author, Filiz Behaettin, Goes From Strength to Strength With the Success of Her Debut Self-Help Book

Australian writer of Turkish Cypriot descent continues her rise to the top

MELBOURNE, Australia, Sept. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Filiz Behaettin is fast emerging as one of Australia’s most well-known writers of Turkish Cypriot descent to reach the international stage, with the success of her new book “Elevate: The practical guide to living your best life and succeeding,” a book designed to assist readers in uncovering their full potential and reaching the goals they never thought possible.

With her debut self-help book and previous books available in nearly every continent in the world, it is not only her books that are getting recognition but also her cultural heritage. Filiz is the daughter of Turkish Cypriot immigrants, a community well-known for their kind hospitality and delicious foods but not often seen in the literary world.

The rise of her profile in the literary world has made Filiz one of the first Australian writers of Turkish Cypriot descent to reach all corners of the globe and establish herself as an advocate and emerging leader not only for her own community but also for cultural diversity in general.

“It brings us great joy to see the success of Filiz, not only for our own family but for our entire community,” her family states. “We came to Australia with not much and didn’t know what to expect when we arrived.”

As the success of her books and work continues, it is no doubt that Filiz may be on her way to becoming one of Australia’s notable literary exports. Her new book, “Elevate: The practical guide to living your best life and succeeding,” is available at most bookstores, including Barnes and Noble and Book Depository.

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