Celebrity Tarot Card Reader & Spiritual Guide to the Stars, Cardsy B, Announces Pre-Sale of New Memoir-Spellbook, The Saturn Diaries, Nationwide

MIAMI, Aug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Celebrity tarot reader and spiritual guide to the stars, Rebecca Szymczak (aka Cardsy B) celebrates her full-time relocation from The Big Apple to The Magic City by announcing the presale of what’s revered to be a comedic masterpiece and inspiring memoir, The Saturn Diaries: A Modern Day Grimoire, on September 12th on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, & CardsyB.com. Like so many unspoken tragedies, The Saturn Diaries, Cardsy chronicles her story of despair, death, growth and triumph from the fashion industry into spiritual entrepreneurship.

Self-proclaimed "fashion bitch turned wellness witch" (Cardsy B) shares her irresistibly witty and raw account of seemingly having, then losing, it all to redirect inward to find healing and purpose in unlocking her intuition.

"I always thought Source/ the Universe/ my Higher Self would sound like a firm British lady or maybe Morgan Freeman. But this just sounded like a calmer and more confident version of myself. Maybe that’s why it was so hard to hear, let alone trust, when I hadn’t felt calm or confident in a really long time." – The Saturn Diaries page 115

Before she became Cardsy B, Rebecca Szymczak was a rebellious outcast from rural Pennsylvania, determined to live the quintessential Manhattan life, landing high-level fashion jobs, celebrity friends, and even her own lingerie line along the way. But by age thirty-one, an astrological transit—known as Saturn’s Return—gate-crashed her life, stripping away her self-identity; and exposing a battle with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse, just beneath the glossy surface.

As she began to rebuild her life, Cardsy revisited her childhood hobby of pulling tarot cards. In doing so, she reconnected with her intuition in powerful and often unexpected ways. The Saturn Diaries is the compelling record of that journey, involving everything from a homemade Oprah-ator phone created to dial the universe to a solo trek through the Costa Rican Jungle to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony. 

Part memoir and part spellbook, each chapter concludes with a spell, elixir or ritual. The Saturn Diaries is intensely moving and often hilarious while chronicling both discovery and remembrance, and reveals the magic that occurs when you acknowledge the seeker within and begin listening to your own inner guidance system.

Cardsy B’s highly anticipated and awaited "grimoire" is an uplifting, self-loving, lifehack guide to making the most out of life’s lemons while letting your authenticity be your guiding light. The Saturn Diaries is a truly helpful, enlightening, and empowering read for all those seeking to connect with their inner magic. Szymczak’s literary candor is bound to be a crowd pleaser … making this book, along with some of her other hysterically iconic products like the Badass Bitches Tarot Deck, Stay Magical AF Hoody and The Oprah-ator Phone, the perfect gift for friends, family, colleagues, and yourself.

More information about The Saturn Diaries and The Author can be found on www.cardsyb.com & www.instagram.com/cardsyb.

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Timur Tugberk