Business Jargon Is Costing Companies Billions: New Book Cites Examples, Offers Fixes

NEW YORK, April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lose the stilted language, bewildering jargon, annoying acronyms, and numbing wordiness that leave audiences mystified rather than informed…and start writing and speaking with clarity, brevity and impact.

So says the new book Business Blather: Stop Using Words That Sound Good But Say Nothing! by business communications expert, seven-time author and award-winning copywriter Jerry McTigue.

Giving numerous examples of the ineffectual corporate babble plaguing business discourse, McTigue demonstrates how each excerpt can be expressed in a clearer, more incisive way.

“Businesses large and small have been buying into this pretentious style of communication for decades,” says McTigue. “But it’s costing them dearly, gumming up their messaging, and all it produces are contorted facial expressions.”

McTigue cites a study by PRovoke Media that estimates companies lose $37 billion annually to poor communications. He believes that number could be many times higher. 

“How do you measure the daily cost in lost productivity and revenue attributable to the billions of emails that leave you scratching your head, websites that can’t get to the point, ads that confound with insider lingo, and other communications that are frustratingly unclear?”

With users spending an average of 15 seconds on a website, delaying critical information or dancing around your topic like Fred Astaire is deadly, McTigue warns.   

The book also instructs readers on how to apply their newly learned skills to a host of specific business and marketing communications, including websites, emails, social media ads, print ads, presentations, LinkedIn profiles, brochures, sales letters, and more.

Ronni Burns, Professor of Business Communication at NYU Stern School of Business, writes: “This book is a wonderful reminder of the impact of using simple, powerful language, whether it’s in your emails, LinkedIn profile, or business mission.” 

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SOURCE Jerry McTigue