BrainLuxury, NutriRise, Frog Fuel, and Kori Krill Oil Receive Best Men’s Supplement Product Award

His Health Mag has awarded four dynamic and entrepreneurial companies its Best Men’s Supplement Product Award for their innovative and unique new product releases.

NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Jean-Louis Landais, a managing director of HisHealthMag Corp., announced earlier today that four exceptional companies have been selected to be recipients of its distinguished Best Men’s Supplement Product Award. Some of the judgment criteria considered for the issuance of this award included product uniqueness, product focus, product potency, product bioavailability, and customer product reviews. Ethical and environmentally-sound ingredient sourcing and manufacturing practices were also considered. [See full release]

The recipients included the following companies for their respective product offerings: BrainLuxury for its GAMMA BrainLuxury product; NutriRise for its Warrior Code Men’s Vitality product; Frog Fuel for its Power Protein Liquid Protein Shot product; and Kori Krill Oil for its Antarctic Krill Oil Omega 3 Gummies.

“The high-growth market for supplements, especially those offered to address men’s specific health and fitness requirements is extremely competitive,” said Landais, “but these amazing companies have not only developed very powerful and solid branding; they’ve formulated supplement products that are superior to everything else currently out there. That takes some doing. These companies offer a unique value proposition to their customers that, frankly, just cannot be found with any of their competitors. More than just recommending these great products, I would say to watch these four companies closely – they’re doing great things, and they are going to do even greater things as they continue to grow.”

BrainLuxury, NutriRise, Frog Fuel, and Kori Krill Oil are privately-held, high-growth companies where the founders and executives play a hands-on role in substantially all aspects of day-to-day operating management and make all of the major decisions about new product development, marketing, and business strategy. [See full release]


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