Bismarck Resident Publishes Children’s Book About Service Dogs

BISMARCK, N.D., Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bismarck resident and author Joyanna Diaz, writing under Joy Anna, publishes her first children’s book, What is Charlie Doing?, today.

"I know children everywhere will love Charlie and his amazing, unique story. Everyone needs to learn and understand the role of service dogs and how valuable they are," explained Joyanna. "I hope everyone learns the importance of service dogs and why it is essential to let them do their job."

Joyanna was inspired to write her book after three siblings approached her in a store to ask if they could pet her service dog, Charlie. After she explained that Charlie was working, and that his job as a service dog meant he could not be touched, the children and their mother were grateful Joyanna had taken the time to explain how service dogs work. Knowing that this would be a pattern in curious children, Joyanna knew it was time to write a book about service dogs.

What is Charlie Doing? is available on Amazon and wherever books are sold. Learn more about Joyanna at: The author is also available for interviews.

BOOK SUMMARY: You’re going to fall in love with Charlie, the Golden Doodle. He has human eyes, he is so big, he looks so cuddly, he has a man bun to keep his long bangs out of his eyes most of the time, and his hair is so soft and so FLUFFY. But wait, is that a red vest he is wearing? What does that vest Charlie is wearing stand for? Does that red color mean stop? What does that Red Vest tell everyone that sees it? What is Charlie doing?

This is the first book to teach children everywhere about Charlie and his job as a service dog. How much a service dog trains for his job. Why it is vital that children let the service animal do their job. Why you should not touch or distract them. Let the children everywhere fall in love with Charlie while they learn the very important lesson about the life-saving job of a service dog.

AUTHOR: Joy Anna was raised on a farm, she has lived outside the United States, and was raised with all brothers. She is also a survivor and a woman of tremendous faith. Joy Anna has 3 kids and 2 granddaughters and lives with her family and Charlie, her Golden Doodle.

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