Award-Winning Children’s Author Debuts a New Series Focused on Perseverance, Self-Respect… and Fun

Acee is gearing up for a big Rocky Mountains ATV race!

LAYTON, Utah, Jan. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Award-winning children’s book author Debbie L. Hepner has released her newest title for young readers—Racee Acee’s ATV Race is the first installment in a new picture book series about a smart and spunky girl who learns important life skills during her fun adventures. 

In Hepner’s playful story, Acee is very excited about the upcoming all-terrain vehicle race. She loves driving her yellow ATV and before she does she must go through a series of checks to make sure her vehicle is safe and ready, including a test drive. When it’s time to queue up for the big race at the steep Rocky Mountains, she brings her matching bright yellow helmet and adorable Bub, her kitty riding companion. She guns her engine, and the thrill is on for Acee as she races over rocky bumps, zips around steep cliffs, and splats through giant mud puddles. As she nears the finish line, she hears the cheering spectators and gives it her all. Will Racee Acee win the big race?

Through Hepner’s rousing text and artist Drew Rose’s vibrant illustrations, Racee Acee’s ATV Race teaches important life skills to early readers including responsibility, perseverance, pride in giving your best effort, and enjoying doing what you love. The first installment in a series, the books underscore for all children the value of self-confidence, courage, and determination; and with a strong female character like Acee, young girls have an empowering role model to emulate.

Author Debbie L. Hepner is the recipient of two Independent Press Awards for Distinguished Picture Books, a Global Book Award, and a Mom’s Choice Award. Celebrated illustrator Drew Rose is a well-known artist whose stunning work can be found in many time-honored children’s books.

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