Author of More Than Money Shows Entrepreneurs How to Access Their Inner Voices to Make Better Decisions

GLENDALE, Calif., June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fatima Bustos-Choy, Ph.D., knows what it is like to deny her own inner voice. After all, it took her 20 years to write her new Amazon best-selling book on that very topic, More Than Money: Five Paths to Abundance and Success for Inner-Centered Entrepreneurs, until finally that inner voice grew too loud to ignore.

Bustos-Choy believes, "Each of us has this inner voice that knows more than we ever know, sees more than we ever see, and from this innate knowing, it speaks to us, guides us to our true north. However, we don’t always hear this voice. … Believing that answers come from the outside, we have learned to not trust ourselves and our answers from within. We have unintentionally and, at times, intentionally blocked these answers from coming forth. … The inner voice has become fainter and fainter, almost negligible. We have become deaf to our own inner voice."

To research More Than Money, Bustos-Choy relied on multiple voices, not just her own. She interviewed 30 entrepreneurs to understand their minds and hearts, their joys and sorrows, wins and losses, and whether an inner voice spoke to them. Bustos-Choy discovered Five Paths from which the inner voice comes through.

In an interview, she can answer such questions as …
* What is meant by an inner-centered entrepreneur?
* What are the five paths outlined in your book?
* How can people get answers from their heart, body and soul?
* How can entrepreneurial pain lead to entrepreneurial gain?
* Does the Asian American business community have any special challenges you can address?

Praise for More Than Money

"Most people spend their lives not realizing they have access to powerful inner guidance. This book shows you how to connect with and listen to your inner voice, which always knows the best way to move through any obstacle and toward what will truly serve you in any area of your life—including success and fulfillment in your professional life. I highly recommend it."  Jack Canfield, co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series and The Success Principles

 "A must-read for those seeking healthier and happier entrepreneurial lives."  Jiyoung Oh, publisher, Best Life Media

"More Than Money: Five Paths to Abundance and Success for Inner-Centered Entrepreneurs will show you a way to higher goals in achieving your heart dreams of fulfillment that are more than just money." — Inna Tuler, president and CEO, Maintco Corporation

"Amidst an ever-changing, hectic world, it’s even more important to connect with our inner selves. More Than Money reminds us to slow down and trust our inner voice to guide us down the right path." Cora Oriel, president, Asian Journal Publications, Inc.

"In More Than Money Fatima shows an intuitive and disciplined way of working through the body to turn off the mind’s chatter so as to allow spirit’s voice to be clearly heard. It is the gift that keeps on giving to this day. I am forever in her debt."  Mido Hamada, actor

About the Author

Fatima Bustos-Choy, Ph.D., is president of R&F Holistic Services and Gaia Flow Consulting. She has more than 30 years of frontline and senior leadership positions in the financial services, aerospace and nonprofit industries. She came to the U.S. at 21 from the Philippines and serves on the board of the Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce. Bustos-Choy has presented at national trade conferences on learning and development. She is a lifelong student of spiritual teachers. More Than Money is her first book.

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