Author and Conscious Design Expert, Natalia Kaylin, Releases Inspiring Volume: ‘The Soulful Home Design Guide: Fill Your Home and Life With Beauty, Love, Peace, and Prosperity’

‘Whether it’s just a few small tweaks, or a complete makeover, learn how to ditch the trends and follow your heart with mindful design – let me show you how…’

WESTFORD, Mass., Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Natalia Kaylin announced the release of her new guide detailing the components and specific process of creating a soulful home. Using the artful science of feng shui along with modern environmental psychology, “The Soulful Home Design Guide” explains how to gracefully weave art, furniture, and other cherished tokens into a home space, building a tableau that evokes a personal journey. Approaching interior décor in a deeply thoughtful and introspective way, Kaylin presents homes that can boost imagination, bring joy, nourish the heart and soul, and improve physical and mental health. Readers are welcome to download a free sample chapter via Kaylin’s website, and the full book is available from Amazon.

“I’ve been a home designer for two decades, working with a wide variety of clients and projects, but these last two years were the most challenging for so many,” said Kaylin. “Many people spend far more time at home now than ever before. And they have come to realize just how important those spaces are to their overall well-being. Our homes are an extension of us. So rather than using the same old DIY trends, with gray floors and gray paint and postmodern sterility, people are looking for joyful, authentic spaces that support their creativity and well-being. Depending on the environment – happy or sad, lonely or loved, calm or anxious – our spaces mirror us. This book shows how to create spaces that will tell the story you want.”

Rave Editorial Reviews

“Through firsthand experiences, Natalia Kaylin details the impact of one’s surroundings on their overall quality of life. She takes you through your own home, room by room, detail by detail. ‘The Soulful Home Design Guide’ will transform not only your space but the way you live in it.”

–Denise Linn, author of “Sacred Space”

“If you want to live in an environment that uplifts and nourishes you, this book will show you how. Natalia Kaylin offers a clear framework to transform your home and to support you in living your greatest, most fulfilled life.” –Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times bestselling author of “Happy for No Reason” and “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul”

About Natalia Kaylin

A design consultant with two decades of experience creating inspiring, supportive, and harmoniously functioning environments, Natalia has helped thousands of people to achieve transformative and sustainable results for the most important place in their lives: their homes. With a master’s degree in physics, a Certificate of Advanced Feng Shui Studies from China, and deep studies in meditation, Eastern Esotericism, and Environmental Psychology, Natalia brings a rare mix of precision, clarity, and metaphysics to the interior design field. Using a perfect alchemical mixture of science, esoteric traditions, and psychology, she achieves empowering and unique designs. Natalia lives in Massachusetts and is currently on a quest to share her passion for creating soulful homes with people all around the world. Visit her online at:

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