A Self-Help Book on how to Stop Overthinking, Conquer Anxiety and Live a Better Life by The Analog Girl Podcaster LaToya D. Newton

NEW YORK, Oct. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Anxiety caused by overthinking is the root of most mental health issues, but there are simple proven techniques found in Lose the thoughts keep the mind: How to stop overthinking over thinking, that anyone can easily use to conquer these issues, according to author LaToya D. Newton.

Newton isn’t a doctor or therapist but someone who struggled with depersonalization, a symptom of anxiety caused by overthinking, intrusive thoughts, and panic attacks.

"While I was searching for the tools to help me, I started The Analog Girl podcast in 2018 to share the tips that helped me with my listeners struggling with anxiety. Now, the tips I talk about during my podcast are available in Lose the thoughts keep the mind: How to stop overthinking over thinking," said Newton.

So far, there have been more than 100,000 downloads of her podcast with favorable reviews from people who have used her tips. She talks about anxiety management, mental health awareness, self-help, personal growth, and practical steps she took to overcome her struggles.

"I hear people saying they’re struggling with overthinking all the time and it’s negatively affecting their lives. Most people just want to find a quick solution, especially when they’re struggling," said Newton.

She specifically designed the book to be an easy-to-read practical reference guide under 100 pages so you can quickly find the tools to reduce overthinking. The audiobook is also under two hours long.

Her book emphasizes journaling and meditation as self-care tools and the importance of being connecting with loved ones and friends and not being isolated. She also talks about the importance of seeking therapy and minimizing negative thoughts from overthinking.

"Most negative thoughts are lies. We develop those negative thoughts from life experiences and situational traumas through childhood. Maybe someone, when you were younger, said you were stupid, and that stayed with you throughout your adulthood," said Newton.

Negative thinking has a huge effect on our lives, even how we deal with rejection. Negative overthinking about finding a well-paying job, buying a house, and having a family can cause unnecessary anxiety.

"If we’re not keeping up with those timelines, we’re putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves. That’s what my book is all about and how to stop overthinking our life experiences. The book also breaks down the thought processes and shows you how to manage those thoughts to deal with your emotions," said Newton.

The depersonalization Newton experienced is likely caused by a traumatic emotional or physical event. It could be triggered after a car accident or losing a loved one suddenly. When that happens, people may feel they’re living in a dream. Experts estimate that depersonalization occurs in about half the population.

In Newton’s case, it was several traumatic events that piled up over the years after losing her home and job. It caused her to disassociate. Every morning when she woke up, she would be scared to walk out of her room. Her surroundings seemed unfamiliar.

"You feel like you’re living in an altered universe, and I was suffering multiple panic attacks. Some people can suffer from this for 20 years. I decided it wasn’t going to be me and did some research to figure out how to get out of it. That’s when The Analog Girl brand was born," said Newton.

She started changing her diet, exercised at the gym regularly, and began professional therapy to look after the underlying trauma she didn’t know existed. She also started practicing transcendental meditation and stopped the behaviors that lead to panic attacks.

"The wellness and recovery journey is an ongoing process, but I can finally say I’m closer than ever to holistic mental well-being. If overthinking is causing problems in your life, the tools I discovered could help you, too," said Newton.

Lose the thoughts keep the mind: How to stop overthinking over thinking is available on Amazon as a paperback and audiobook. A digital ebook will be released during World Mental Health Day on Oct.10th. The Analog Girl podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, Anchor, Soundcloud, Google Play, and Stitcher.

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