Zenobia Silas Carson Named Best New Senior Writer for the Year by Put Old on Hold Journal

SURPRISE, Ariz., Aug. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Zenobia Silas Carson, a lead writer for the prestigious Put Old on Hold Journal, has been named Best New Senior Writer of the Year.

“She is an incredible writer and storyteller,” says Editor Barbara Morris. Her skill with words makes the page come alive. The reader can see and feel Zenobia’s enthusiasm. Her skill as a writer and her ability to communicate has more than earned her the award.”

Zenobia’s background has been filled with more pain and suffering than most people experience. Nevertheless, Zenobia still writes with trust in Jesus and does a magnificent job of joyfully helping others through difficult times.

Even as Zenobia continues to battle financial and health woes, she selflessly does as much as she can to help others in a similar situation. She corresponds with fellow Senior Scribblers at the Senior Center in Franklin, Massachusetts, in her free time. 

With failing vision, she refuses to give up or give in. She refers the visually challenged to contact the Hadley Institute for the blind and visually impaired in Winnetka, IL.

Barbara Morris is pleased to have her on board as a writer with the Put Old on Hold Journal and invite everyone to subscribe to the Journal at PutOldonHoldJournal.com to keep up with Zenobia’s upbeat humor, wit, woes, and wisdom.

Contact Zenobia Silas Carson at: 763 447 9265
Contact Editor Barbara Morris at 760-520-5202

SOURCE Zenobia Silas Carson