Young Author Creatively Helping Kids Learn During the Pandemic

PHOENIX, Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the current pandemic having wreaked havoc in most aspects of life, some positive and inspiring events have been happening in the midst of all this. A fourteen-year-old student, Michael Aim, propelled by kindness during the pandemic is giving back to the community by writing academic content for children. Michael Aims wanted to help kids stay engaged and keep learning during school closures due to COVID-19. He came up with the idea of writing children’s books that introduce academic content in very simple terms to very young children.  He includes activities at the end of each book to help kids remember the content by being more engaged.  Titled “Amazing Body,” the book is part of a series with three titles so far.

During the pandemic, Michael wondered how he could help and an idea struck him. “One of my favorite teachers has young kids and the idea for entertaining educational children’s books was born,” said Michael, while explaining how the idea came about.

The young author started with books about human anatomy. The first title “Bobby the Brain” introduces to young children different parts and functions of the brain. The book includes activities to keep the children engaged with the content. Subsequent titles are about the heart and the liver – “Henry the Heart” and “Larry the Liver” follow the same format.

“I wanted to create books and journals that will keep kids learning and engaged by creating educational content accompanied by activities,” added Michael.

Michael says that he thought it would be a great idea to write books that are an introduction to anatomy as part of science education. He adds that it seemed interesting to talk about parts of the anatomy and physiology and learn about which organs make the body run and how they function.

The book is already getting 5-star reviews.

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About the author
Michael Aims is a fourteen-year-old student who excels at school. His favorite subjects are math, English, and biology. He has been consistently recognized by his school as an honor student with exceptional character. He is very engaged in his community, spends his time with schoolwork, sports, and gives back by volunteering with the homeless.

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