Xue Mo Discusses Creative Writing: Embracing Hong Kong as a New “Landmark” for Future Inspirations

HONG KONG, Dec. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “As a down-to-earth writer, I always observe the world with a humble heart, wishing to capture authentic stories amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life,” declared Xue Mo, a celebrated author hailing from western China. This statement came during a recent reader interaction at Chung Hwa Book Store’s Yau Ma Tei branch in Hong Kong on December 18, 2023. His latest novel, “Qiang Village,” was the focal point of the event.

“Of all my novels, ‘Qiang Village’ might not be the best, but it’s certainly the most unique,” Xue Mo proudly introduced his latest work to the audience. “Though it lacks a central theme, it vividly brings to life a world where each character is intricately crafted and realistic.”

Set in western China, “Qiang Village” revives an ancient stockade, weaving a captivating historical mystery deeply infused with local culture and traditions. The novel masterfully blends bold heroism and tribal conflicts with touching romance, delving deeply into profound themes such as life, justice, and faith.

“I have devoted my entire life to writing, letting my works convey my thoughts. Creating something truly distinctive has always been my literary pursuit,” Xue Mo emphasized during the sharing session. His literary works, rich in regional culture and customs, have garnered global attention. As a frequent visitor and active speaker at many international book fairs, including the Frankfurt Book Fair, his “Selected Stories by Xue Mo” has been translated into nearly 30 different languages, including French, German, and Spanish. Ever since the release of his devout work “Desert Rites,” author Xue Mo has produced more than 100 literary and cultural works over the past four decades.

The event included insightful discussions by three local experts. Zeng Fanyu, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chinese Language and Literature at HKB, underscored the novel’s portrayal of a rich cultural and geographical landscape beyond its historical context. Lai Qingfang, a lecturer at the School of Chinese at HKU, highlighted how this fascinating novel allows readers from diverse backgrounds to explore the history, humanities, and contemporary life of Northwest China, encouraging them to ponder essential questions about life, love, and the ultimate reality. Mei Zi, the editor-in-chief of Hong Kong Literature Bimonthly magazine, expressed confidence that the novel’s unique historical and cultural appeal would captivate a wide global audience.

Hong Kong, a diverse and inclusive city, has sparked my creativity. I feel a deep connection with this dynamic city,” said Xue Mo. He expressed his hope to make Hong Kong his new “landmark” for future inspirations, drawing from its vibrant energy to enrich his future works.

This book sharing session was co-sponsored by Hong Kong Zhonghua International Media Publishing Group and Hong Kong Shangpa Culture Distribution Co., Ltd.

Media Contact:
Ida Liu