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NEW YORK , Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Beautyland by Dana Kline could be the Mad Men of the Beauty Biz. Drawn from Dana’s high-profile career in the cosmetics & perfume industry, working at the world’s leading brand names & forging celebrity deals with global sensations like pop star boy band ‘One Direction’.

In her twenty-five years in the beauty industry, Dana Kline has seen it all. From her first job in a mall working with one of the world’s most famous luxury beauty & fragrance brands, helming multimillion dollar businesses, to now her insiders behind the scenes novel. Throughout it all, her focus on learning, from her successes & failures, is what makes her journey such a rich & fascinating read. A woman straight from the pages of the novel that she has created.

The book follow’s a self-made young woman called Emma dependent on her wits, common sense and intuition

About the book

"She is going to sell you something and you will buy it."

It’s Fashion Week and Lower Manhattan churns with construction on the third anniversary of 9/11, as Emma O’Farrell Paige arrives at the federal courthouse to depose her former boss, the diabolical villain behind a counterfeit perfume ring.

With little more than tenacity and courage, Emma breaks free from her dysfunctional Midwest childhood and fights for her long-distance marriage to independent league baseball pitcher Ethan Paige, as she plays to win among world-class dealmakers in the trenches of the international beauty biz.

Under the guidance of mentor and boss Julian Petrenko, Emma masterminds the two-hundred-million-dollar fragrance deal with boy band sensation ‘UK Connection’. When the deal of the decade reveals the underbelly of the vaulted Beautyland, Emma is forced to examine herself as closely as she’s studied the beauty game.


"BEAUTYLAND is hard to put down, engaging the reader from the first word, a riveting story of a women who knows her destiny and never gives up. Dana Kline’s writing makes you feel every emotion deeply and twists and turns in the story are ones you would never expect. I didn’t want to put the book to end as I felt like I was saying goodbye to my friend. You will truly love this book"
Tracey Bregman, American Actress & Producer

"BEAUTYLAND is a coming-of-age story in the broadest sense. The daughter of grifters; fleeing her dysfunctional background yet loyal to her roots & the hometown boy she loves; reinventing herself as she goes; full blown success; ultimately caught in a web of corruption but savvy enough not only to recognize it, but also to come to terms with what she really needs to triumph. She follows her moral compass until it intimately finds true north" Leslie Davis Guccione, Author

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