‘Win at Aging; How To Stay Fit, Free, and Love Your Retirement’ – Number One Bestselling Author, All American Athlete, and Health Coach Offers Blueprint for Fun and Fearless Aging

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif., Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Certified Health Coach, professor, and motivational speaker Sharkie Zartman (https://sharkiezartman.com/) recently announced the upcoming publication of her new healthy living guide: “Win at Aging; How To Stay Fit, Free, and Love Your Retirement,” published by Authors Place Press. The proactive approach offers an entirely new paradigm for the aging process, treating it as a sport that can be gamified to motivate, inspire, and get people more joyfully engaged in the process. Written by a worldclass athlete and Amazon.com bestselling author, “Win at Aging” is a short but powerful guide created to help older people fall in love with their lives again. The book will be available via Amazon.com after Sept. 15.   

Synopsis: “Win at Aging” takes an empowered approach to the challenges of aging instead of viewing it as an inevitable period of decline. Utilizing sports as an analogy to bring out the winning spirit in everyone, “Win at Aging” helps readers fight feelings of despair that often come during the aging process. “Win at Aging” offers a holistic approach to successful aging that examines and incorporates all of the components of the wellness spectrum at once: physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual. Sharkie illustrates how people can enjoy their life at any age, simply by refusing to equate age with illness or inactivity. This life-changing book also introduces the concept of R.A.P. – three important characteristics aging people need to help make the mental shift from victim to victor.

Powerful testimonials for Sharkie’s book from other retired professional athletes have already begun rolling in:

“What a wonderful breath of fresh air Sharkie Zartman’s book ‘Win at Aging’ is, as I don’t find many books that actually speak to me like this. It’s as if one were to ask for advice on staying healthy as we age, and get direct, solid answers that inspire and motivate. Having been a former elite level competitive athlete, a retired physical fitness and health educator, and someone who has consistently been working toward ‘winning’ the game of aging myself, I am not sure I could have written this book any better. Filled with fun, interesting stories and examples that support the concepts presented (many sports-related), as well as quotes and anecdotes that encourage the same, Sharkie explains, in detail, the why and how to live healthy and happy after retirement” –Kirk Mango, author of “Becoming a True Champion: Achieving Excellence From the Inside Out (Rowman & Littlefield, 2012).  

About Sharkie Zartman, M.S.

A professor of health and fitness, Sharkie Zartman is a former USA All-American volleyball athlete and champion competitor at UCLA, where her jersey was retired. She was also a member of the U.S. Women’s National Volleyball team, eventually inducted into the California Beach Volleyball Hall of Fame. She holds degrees in kinesiology and instructional technology, is a certified life health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a radio host for www.healthylife.net. Sharkie is the author of nine books and counting, including “Shark Sense,” “Empowered Aging,” “Have Fun Getting Fit,” “Youth Volleyball, the Guide for Parents and Coaches,” “#HeySportsParents” and her newest book: “Win at Aging: How to Stay Fit, Free and Love Your Retirement.” Learn more about her work at: www.SharkieZartman.com.

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