Who Is Ned, and Why Is He So Happy?

STOWE, Vt., April 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — How often have we found ourselves in difficult situations or wondered how we could have better acted, reacted, or perceived the circumstance?  Ned Says….I Love it Here!, is a new children’s book that could teach adults a thing or two while truly saving our humanity. It may sound far-fetched, but it’s relevance in our world today is exactly the message needed to teach humans, young and old, what it means to be, well, a good person seeking a positive and rewarding life!

According to author Jeff Nicholson, “Yes, I Love It Here is a children’s book, but honestly, I wrote it as much for the adult reading it to the child as the children themselves. Ned is a symbol of what we can become when we stop making judgements and put differences aside based on age, how we dress, and how we live. The book is about freedom, spreading your gifts, playing and having fun, and filling your day with gratitude and kindness – no matter your age.”

Where does Ned love to be? In the book we travel with Ned as he moves through his day going here, there and everywhere! This day-in-the-life story is filled with chores, smelly buses, long lines, rain, the grumpiest man in the world, and a duck that keeps popping up in the strangest of places.  This book pulls kids of all ages into Ned’s world of kindness, gratitude and mindfulness, teaching us to manifest joy in our lives, no matter what our day may bring. 

Ned loves stickers and passes them along to help spread his good vibes where ever he goes.  How handy that the book includes a colorful sticker sheet to help kids spread their own good vibes, just like Ned! The colorful, engaging artwork by Marc Hughes keeps the young and young at heart absorbed in the story.

The book has gotten great reviews – this, from librarian Cheri Nutting of New Hampshire:

“Ned teaches us how we can all be happy in our everyday lives when we show gratitude and kindness!  As a librarian searching for books on social skills and resilience, Ned is the perfect match! I have read this to over 100 students in grades K-2 and they all love the quirky characters and the vibrant pictures. They especially enjoyed looking for the duck on every page. An engaging book with a much-needed message for young ones.”

This from parent, Kelly Cunningham:

“We love this book! Ned’s positive attitude sets a great example for our young girls. The story is relatable and memorable, the example set by Ned is a good one, the pages are bright and engaging and the stickers included were a great add. After we read the book we had fun putting them on our water bottles.”

Ned Says, I Love It Here is available at Amazon and at Freely Creative, Inc.  https://www.freelycreative.com/product/i-love-it-here-childrens-book/

About the Author & Illustrator
Jeff Nicholson, is the owner of the sticker marketing company, Websticker, and author of Stick This!, on the effective use of promotional stickers. He is also a singer/songwriter. This is his first published children’s book.

Illustrator, Marc Hughes resides in Burlington, Vermont and has done extensive work with cartoons, caricatures, books, business illustrating, and is also an author himself.

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