What our Creator has done through our Founders’ and People’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution, No Life Tenured Rulers can “Take From Us” or “Tear Asunder” – Author, Legal Expert, and 2024 U.S. Presidential Candidate, Mike Ledbetter, Offers History, Advice, and a New Alternative for Confused Voters: “Nine Sovereign Kings: The Return of God”

DENISON, Texas, Nov. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Lawyer and Texas native Mike Ledbetter recently announced his Presidential candidacy for 2024 while offering free downloadable copies of his new book: “Nine Sovereign Kings: The Return of God.” Filled with divinely inspired advice for an array of important issues facing the country, “Nine Sovereign Kings” is a guidebook to help heal a troubled nation. Ledbetter authored the volume using a technique that “makes full use of the capitalization rule that states a word may be capitalized to emphasize it,” so that readers could understand the stressed importance of key words and concepts.

In a time of pessimism, division, and growing doubt, Ledbetter is also keenly aware that there are some who might wonder whether this is real? Whether our Creator could use something in this way! In Ledbetter’s words:

This work is inspired by our Creator, our Trinity God! For our Creator has instructed me to give it “Free” to all our People! To let us all know that He is here to help “Save” and “Heal” our “People” and “Democracy!”

He did it for our ‘Founding Fathers’ against every odd known or unknown at that time, where they still miraculously prevailed and became ‘Free!’ For as all of you remember, the world was under the ‘Reign’ of ‘Life Tenured Rulers’ – ‘Kings’ and ‘Emperors’ everywhere – when a handful of our ‘Forefathers,’ with ‘One’ they called the Creator, both overcame and changed all of that in our ‘World!’ So why would He not appear to guide us now? Especially, when the “Life Tenured” Supreme Court is hurting us, and our “Congress,” “Capitol,” and “Democracy” almost fell to “Coup d’etat” on January 6, 2021!”

Ledbetter then continues:

And please make no mistake about it, we are still presently in danger. Especially when one of our current ‘Rulers’ is not listening to our Creator – the very reason why our ‘Democracy’ almost fell on January 6, 2021. Therefore, if our Democracy is to make it, any who we ‘Elect’ to Congress or President must free us from the ‘Unaccountable’ and ‘Life Tenured’ Supreme Court before it is too late!”

If there is anything else beyond this book that I can ever do to help the ‘American People,’ I am here! For whatever we do to heal our People and Nation, it must be all of us, with our Creator, who do it “Together!”

“Please enjoy the book and share it with others. For it is “Free” to all our People, being from our Beloved Creator of our Declaration of Independence!

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A 2024 Presidential Candidate, Author, and Veteran with a Doctorate of Jurisprudence, Mike Ledbetter is a native of Dallas/Ft. Worth and devoted scholar of many fields, including world religions, theology, history, philosophy, physics, sociology, and law (both ancient and modern, common and civil law). Mike received his J.D. degree from the University of Houston Law Center, after having studied at Thurgood Marshall School of Law and Oklahoma City University School of Law. Mike specialized in Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, and the Supreme Court – with a particular interest in reforming the Supreme Court of the United States to help heal a troubled nation. For up-to-the-minute news on Mike Ledbetter’s candidacy and appearances, learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/mike.ledbetter2

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