Warrior Entrepreneur by Former U.S. Marine, Firefighter and Multiple Business Founder Shoots to #1 on Amazon’s U.S. and International Best-Seller Lists

CINCINNATI, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Within just a week of its release, "Warrior Entrepreneur," Zachary Green’s inspiring book for business risk takers, now tops Amazon’s United States’ categories as the number one book for entrepreneurship and small business/entrepreneurship. Green’s book also sits at the top spot internationally in Australia and is among the top three books of its kind in Canada. It is skyrocketing in countries such as Japan, Spain, Germany and the UK.

"I think the book resonates with people because we’ve all known adversity in our lives. My experiences as an entrepreneur, a U.S. Marine and as a firefighter showed me how to use that adversity to grow and prepare me for my crucible," says Green. "Risk, struggle, grit and bravery are the traits that teach us to be warriors and overcome the obstacles we encounter in life and in business."

Green served several years as a U.S. Marine and was a lieutenant in his local fire department. It was when he lost vision of the exits and his fellow firefighters in a smoke-filled room that he received an epiphany for launching his first start up.

Green is transparent about his personal struggles starting businesses. Readers are taken on a wild ride through the ups and downs of launching a business, including mortgaging his home and maxing his credit cards. He triumphs because of his ability to face adversity as a warrior, never giving up to the enemy—fear and anxiety. This all came to a head in late 2020 when he almost died from COVID-19 and was hospitalized for several weeks.

 "As I was literally on my deathbed, I reflected on all of the things I have achieved in my life and how the warrior spirit allowed me to conquer my challenges," he recalls. "I want the stories in this book to inspire others on how to embrace and learn from adversity. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a blue or white collar employee or just someone desiring to change life’s trajectory, the lessons, stories and research in this book will inspire you to become your best self."

The book highlights how we all have a crucible—a turning point in one’s life—which changes our forward trajectory. It is in the crucible that you transform and grow or fall to the bottom of the abyss and suffer the consequences.

The warrior principles in Green’s book translates into any career or business. He is the founder of two startups and mentors start-ups, particularly those whose founders are veterans or first responders. One of his companies, LumAware, has grossed close to $30 million with products used by over 80,000 firefighters and three of the nation’s largest retailers.

"Warrior Entrepreneur" also shares the ups and downs of well-known entrepreneurs ranging from Walt Disney to Thomas Edison to Elon Musk. He also shares stories from FBI agents, White House special envoys, Spartans and even the first female U.S. Marine Corps infantryman. Readers can gain encouragement by reading about others’ triumphs over adversity.

Green’s knack for entrepreneurship has led to his testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives Small Business Committee. He received the prestigious President of the United States "E" award in Washington, D.C. from President Trump for his exporting success and has been honored as Exporter of the Year by the Ohio Small Business Administration. Former Ohio Governor John Kasich named Green Entrepreneur of the Year. The Obama White House named Green one of 10 entrepreneurs to represent the U.S. at the Global Entrepreneur Summit.

For additional information on "Warrior Entrepreneur" visit https://www.warriorentrepreneurbook.com

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