Want to Become Wealthy? Leading Decision Scientist Breaks Down Behavioral Traps that Limit Financial Freedom

New Book Guides Consumers to Wealth

HOUSTON, May 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Becoming wealthy can seem impossible for most people, who find themselves buried in student loan and mortgage debt, struggling with massive inflation, and having virtually no savings or investments. Especially given today’s economic climate, the statistics on wealth are staggering, with nearly 75% of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck. Yet, there are small, positive habits and financial choices that you can make right now to ensure wealth, as illustrated in Dr. James Langabeer’s new book, The Quest for Wealth: Six Steps for Making Mindful Money Choices (ISBN: 978-1032139920), published by Taylor and Francis.

In this latest book, James Langabeer outlines the behavioral biases that limit thinking, and provides pragmatic decision tools and strategies to overcome them. "Anybody can become a millionaire with the right habits, if they follow a proven path in the correct order," Langabeer says, adding "the key is to become mindful, or deliberate and conscious, about your buying, spending, and investing behaviors." Through 6 steps and 30 mindful practices, everyone can transform themselves and achieve financial freedom, negotiate better, control impulsive decision-making, and develop a financial roadmap to wealth.

Langabeer uses his background in decision sciences and finance to help people make a 1° intentional shift daily to accumulate long-term wealth, through a Mindful Money Management Model™.

About James Langabeer

Dr. James Langabeer has served as a CEO, management consultant, university professor, and entrepreneur. He has earned international prominence with his research integrating behavioral science and decision-making and was named one of the most successful business leaders by Success Magazine. He is a frequent contributor to Forbes and has been published in well over 100 business and scientific journals. He and his wife reside in Houston, Texas. For more information, please visit www.jameslangabeer.com.

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