Vietnam War Pilot Shares Personal Journal Account of "The Second Team"

MANDEVILLE, La., Aug. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Encodable Impact Publishing LLC has launched its debut manuscript, "The Second Team: A Vietnam Pilot’s Journal Account of Faith, Freedom and Flying." After 53 years, Vietnam Veteran and author James C. Downing Jr. (of Fort Worth, TX) has published his personal daily journal account as a Chinook UH-47 combat pilot in the Vietnam War. He details the daily lives of U.S. Army soldiers during the Vietnam War, harrowing rescue missions, narrowly escaping death during emergency combat missions and how his faith in God proved to be Providential.

This project had lay dormant for over fifty years. Downing, now age 79 is ready to share his story to offer up a historical account of the Vietnam War, the evolution of helicopter warfare, and a personal inner dialogue of all he encountered.

Edward T. Luttenberger, Director of Communications at The National Vietnam War Museum shared, "Downing demonstrates resilience and steadfast devotion to his guiding principles." Retired Col. James W. Ireland of the United States Army stated, "You feel you are there living life with Downing from harrowing helicopter rescues, resupply missions to white knuckle emergency combat missions and crashes." Lt. Col. Charles "Dutch" M. Holland of the United States Space Force noted, "The Second Team is relatable to all who struggle with their place in the world when hope is seemingly lost. A mission with a purpose."

In a time when the world is in turmoil, hope is needed now more than ever. Understanding the patterns of humanity especially in times of war and adversity, may prevent negative future outcomes. "The Second Team" is a manuscript that is sure to historically inform, spiritually uplift and patriotically radiate liberty and justice for all. James C. Downing Jr. is available for news media appearances for interviews that may offer a positive story in the news in a time when it is needed most. More information can be found on and "The Second Team" can be purchased on Amazon in Kindle eBook and Paperback. 

Contact: Rebecca Coda

SOURCE Encodable Impact Publishing LLC