Venus Beings Contacted USSR in 1966, Claim New Documents Leaked in THE VENUS INTERCEPT by V.S. Marlowe

SINGAPORE, Feb. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — International author V.S. Marlowe’s THE VENUS INTERCEPT: TZINTZUNTZAN — a sequel to his visionary 2019 book THE SERPENT’S THRONE — leaks Soviet documents from the 1960s and 70s showing that advanced beings on or near Venus contacted the early Soviet Venera 3 probe before it crashed on the planet in 1966. Because Marlowe’s sources cannot be disclosed, the book is published as fiction.

According to the documents, the contact triggered a 15 year crash Soviet program to learn from the aliens, including efforts in teletransportation, telepathy and parallel realities. The program was reportedly ended in 1981 by KGB head and Communist Party General Secretary Yuri Andropov due to lack of tangible results, and Soviet budget constraints.

Marlowe, who previously surfaced THE LAST MESSIAH in 2013, now says he has new material showing that the Soviets were so intrigued by the messages from Venus that they used the information to shape their space and intelligence operations for two decades. In space, it led to their 15 still-unsurpassed Venera missions to land on Venus and return the first photos and measurements from the surface and atmosphere. On earth, the alien messages led them to covert missions in Mexico, where communications and historical archives suggest the Venusians and possibly other aliens influenced pre Columbian cultures and even seeded biological hybrids reflected in Mexican myth, religion, astronomy and science. This Soviet archival material corroborates the earlier accounts of mass or collective dreaming in THE SERPENT’S THRONE in 2019 which are currently being studied to see if they are truly authentic preternatural visionary experiences, or evidence of external scripting or manipulation.

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“My sources are still trying to reestablish contact with the intelligent beings who are now or once were on Venus, and may still be here in some form on earth,” says Marlowe. “The Russians have apparently revived their long-stalled efforts, and the US is watching what they find and accomplish. An expatriate US energy trader who seems to be in contact with the aliens is being used by both sides.”

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