Unique How-To Book on Implementing an Innovative “Ratingless” Performance Management Program Now Available

LAKEWOOD RANCH, Fla., May 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Tom Stypulkoski, Founder and President of ICONIC Rewards, has taken the unprecedented step of publishing a unique book providing an easy-to-follow blueprint for developing and implementing an innovative and comprehensive “ratingless” performance management program!

“Ratings have historically been very problematic as a component of performance management.” Tom states. “Many combinations of rating categories have been tried, but these have only succeeded in moving the pain point boundaries without alleviating the discomfort.” Indeed, you will find companies that have tried rating scales ranging from as few as three to as high as nine. And why is this? Because companies most often feel compelled to implement program redesign within the established and acceptable performance management framework that has existed for decades. “This framework has continuously been in conflict with a human behavior paradigm; Employees dislike being categorized unless they are viewed as one of the top performers.” Tom says. The only way to alleviate this conundrum is with a “ratingless” performance management system!

Tom’s book is unlike most others in its category. Many spend multiple chapters citing overlapping theories on the pros and cons of existing programs and espousing theories on how a ratingless system can possibly work. Instead, Tom embarked on delivering a practical and straightforward step-by-step resource on how to successfully integrate a ratingless performance management solution in an organization. “Companies have a history of developing fairly well-planned programs that fail, not because of flaws in their design, but because of a lack of investment in effective implementation” Tom states. “My book provides the blueprint for an effective program design, implementation, and maintenance strategy. This includes manager and employee education and communication activities and program integrity management as well”.

Tom’s background spans over thirty-five years in human resources and total rewards management across various industries in the for-profit sector, with the majority of those years in leadership positions. Tom’s passion for performance management has kept him highly engaged in this arena, and he is open to assisting any company wishing to implement this innovative and necessary change within their organization.

For more information about “Ratingless Performance Management” please visit www.iconicrewards.com/publications.

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Tom Stypulkoski