Unique Dual-Narrative Travel Memoir The Backpack Years Inspires Pandemic-Era Readers

PITTSBURGH, Aug. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Stefanie and James Wilson’s newly-released The Backpack Years is resonating with an audience reading through the lens of our current cultural climate.

Covid’s reminder that life is precious has spurred recent social phenomena. "Revenge travel" is on the rise, with travelers booking several trips to make up for lost time, and the "Great Resignation" has created a newly-liberated segment of the population determined to pursue what makes them happy.

In memoirs that run parallel, Stef and James travel and work in thirteen countries over six years. They quit jobs to prioritize their mental health. They take chances some would consider reckless in search of joy and satisfaction. For better and worse, they pack their lives with experiences that are inspiring contemporary readers.

Dozens of rave reviews from Top Reviewers on Goodreads and Bookstagrammers.

Two memoirs converge into one story as we follow Stef and James try to live life fully despite challenges, follow their dreams and fall in love with not only life but each other… If you enjoyed Wild by Cheryl Strayed you’re gonna love The Back Pack Years so much more. I can attest to this.

It is the time where the Pandemic is ending which means that people are traveling more. Many of us truly missed the adventure, and this story could fill the void that Covid-19 left in our heart.

There was a lot of faith and hope involved and it made me feel energized reading the ending. It was beautiful, informative, true story to read.

As an adult reader, it made me nervous to see the couple make sometimes radical choices in their journey. Their lack of funds, haste to get married, and the health scares, job setbacks, and strained first year of marriage become the textbook reasons why not to take such risks, but the success of a risk isn’t measured in the amount of setbacks. It lies in the ability to overcome those setbacks. And Stefanie and James definitely overcome them.

This book really made me want to book a flight to a foreign country and go with the flow of the vacation and meet new people and live new experiences. I was sad when it ended cuz I didn’t want it to!

Published by Tucky Buddy Books, the volume is now available via Amazon. For more information, please visit: www.TheBackpackYears.com.

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