‘TO THINE OWN SELF’: Bonny G Smith Announces the First Book of THE WARS OF THE ROSES SAGA

New Historical Fiction series serves as prequel to THE TUDOR CHRONICLES

FAIRFAX, Va., Oct. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Bonny G Smith’s TO THINE OWN SELF is a historical fiction novel set in turbulent fifteenth century England. This fascinating novel is the first of two books in Ms. Smith’s new WARS OF THE ROSES SAGA. This exciting new series tells the story of the dynastic conflict in England known as the Wars of the Roses. This blood-soaked, epic tale is the story of the thirty-year struggle for the English throne between the rival Plantagenet Houses of York and Lancaster. This is the story of the last Plantagenets, and how their three-hundred-year dynasty came to an end at the hands of the Tudors. This impressive new historical fiction series serves as the prequel to the four books of Ms. Smith’s popular opus, THE TUDOR CHRONICLES, laying the foundation for the dawn of the Tudor Dynasty. TO THINE OWN SELF is peopled by a fascinating cast of characters, including kings and queens, princesses and peasants, commoners and courtiers, heroes and villains. This is a world dominated by loyalty and treachery, bloody battles and tense sieges, where life was lived against the backdrop of the one of the most captivating and colorful eras in history: The Middle Ages. 

“I became intrigued while writing the books of THE TUDOR CHRONICLES with the question of why King Henry VIII was so obsessed with the need to produce a male heir,” says Ms. Smith. “King Henry’s lethal fixation ultimately cost the lives and happiness of dozens of innocent people. In my research, I found that the roots of Henry’s single-minded pursuit of a son lay in the past; female succession was not barred in England as it was in France, but the times were not yet conducive to the acceptance of a queen regnant in England. King Henry VII’s fledgling dynasty must not perish; and so, his son embarked upon a destructive mission to preserve his father’s hard-won legacy, without regard to the heartbreak and collateral damage he caused. As I researched the events leading up to the fall of the mighty Plantagenets, I realized that the Wars of the Roses was a story that I must write, in order to complete my quest to chronicle the Tudors; it was in this conflict that the seeds of the Tudor Dynasty lay. Writing historical fiction novels continues to be a glorious challenge; these books fulfill my dream of telling the tragic tale of the Tudors.”

Bonny G Smith’s novels are available on Amazon in Kindle eBook and Trade Paperback.

“Bonny G Smith creates superb fictionalized accounts of the lives of the fascinating men and women of the Medieval and Tudor eras. Ms. Smith breathes life into her characters; throughout her novels, the personalities, politics, and spirits of the age are beautifully drawn. I like my historical fiction accurate, and Ms. Smith delivers. There is no attempt to change history. The books of The Tudor Chronicles deliver a thorough engagement with the drama of Tudor politics in all its complicated, personality-led glory. The research that has gone into Ms. Smith’s novels is palpable.” – Dr. Steven Veerapen, PhD, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland

“For those who love the Tudor era, Bonny G Smith’s novels are a must-read. Each book is well-researched, resulting in a series of captivating novels that is hard to put down. Ms. Smith has a rare gift; the gift of words that encapsulate and fascinate, combined with an eye for the necessary details which resurrect for the reader the events of a time long past. Five stars, and well-suited to a mini-series.” – Karen Dagger, Leeds, UK

The books of The Tudor Chronicles must be read slowly, that one might savor every detail. Ms. Smith possesses an exceptional talent for exciting narrative, astonishing spectacle and realistic dialog that takes the reader back in time. Very simply, a great read.” – Richard Maestas, Albuquerque, NM













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